Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami?

July 13, 2014

Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami?

We live in a false paradigm reality bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news and financed by a fiat currency. Humanity has suffered at the hands of ruthless,  monarchs-monopolists and their enabling priest class scribes for eternity.  There have been brief respites from totalitarianism, the most notable, the Gutenberg press inspired Renaissance, the American Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.  The Gutenberg press allowed information and knowledge to escape the cloistered control of the feudalists, and universal literacy soon sparked the Protestant Reformation, the invention of the Scientific Method and the concepts of Freedom expressed in the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  While imperialism had benefits to the European monarchs, their constant internecine conflicts caused England, France and Spain to lose most of their North American colonies in less than one hundred and fifty years.

by Joseph A. Olsen, PE

co2fraudThe money changers in the royal courts were satisfied with limited freedom in America, as long as they controlled the monetary system, which they did through Hamilton and the First Bank Charter.  The Second Bank Charter was forced on America to pay the British debt from the British created War of 1812.  Details of how the banking cartel manipulated nations into centuries of warfare are well documented and too voluminous to discuss here.  The video, “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” on youtube does a very credible job of explaining this cartel, and The Creature from Jekyll Island, depth analysis of an international crime syndicate, in operation for centuries.  The ruling elite operate on the philosophical foundation of Malthus, Darwin and Nihilism. The Malthus hypothesis of production limits forcing war, disease and pestilence, coupled with the Darwin hypothesis of survival of the fittest and the Nihilism hypothesis of ‘there is no right or wrong’ allowed these royal thieves to convince themselves that ‘he who successfully lied and stole the most was the fittest’, and since no one should make value judgments, then they were justified in exterminating the ‘less fit’.

Control of the US banking system was surrendered to the monopolists with the Feral [they claim Federal] Reserve Act of 1913, and augmented with the Espionage Act of 1917 which surrendered control of the US independent newspaper industry.  Constant warfare kept monopolist owned war industries busy with excess profits from endless no bid contracts.  Still the insatiable Demonic Warlords wanted more.  The leadership of the world had devolved into a psychopath enrichment program, where no LIE was to big if there was a reward.  The intentional Savings & Loan crisis bilked taxpayers out of more than half a billion dollars and is accurately described in The Mafia, CIA & George Bush by Pete Brewton.  This was followed by the Enron and Dot com pump and dump scams, then TARP 1 & 2 and Quantitative Easing to Infinity.  In the fifties the Club of Rome conceived of a world domination plan by blaming humanity for some natural condition, then shutting down the flow of energy that made middle class life possible, starving all humanity back into a landless serf class.  In the seventies the claim was that human pollution was causing cooling, this would result in a new ice age and the origins of  the Carbon Truth Origami.

Great Lakes ice coverage of 94.7% in 1979 seemed to give support to the New Ice Age position, but by then too many top scientists knew of the 30 year solar cycle, so the ruse was switched to global warming.  A defective branch of science was created, with a congenital defect required to endorse a Carbon climate forcing hypothesis, and then lavishly funded with taxpayer money as if the next great swindle depended on it.  While compliant universities created Climate Alchemy courses, degrees and ‘experts’ from whole cloth, government created commissions and treaties to adopt and enforce this nascent science and NGOs were ramped up as pressure groups.  It appeared that all the elitist dreams would be fulfilled with the Kyoto accords, but a frisky White House intern upset the political balance, and the treaty to end warming missed the thirty year peak in 1998.  Continued support from the RINO-DINO congressional puppet show kept the monopolists optimistic, in spite of noncompliant weather conditions.  The Nov 2009 East Angelia Event Horizon, also known as “ClimateGate” exposed the fraud science, but the momentum of the monster could not be stopped.  The average Great Lakes ice pack coverage is 51%, however in March 2014, the second highest NOAA recorded ice pack happened with 91% coverage, indicating the next cooling cycle.  The LIES of Carbon climate forcing were so preposterous that only half of the climate scientists could buy into half of the lies.  Only believing in half of the lies then made you a denier.  We will discuss this three sided debate in depth in a moment, but first a related Obombie Truth Origami subject.

The Obombie EPA has declared Carbon Dioxide to be a toxin, even though humans inhale 400 PPM of CO2 and exhale 40,000 PPM of CO2 as long as we are alive.  NASA choose CO2 as a fire suppressant system for the Shuttle and Space Station because prolonged exposure to 50,000 PPM had no measurable side effects.  Human blood must contain 5% CO2, which is 130 times atmospheric level, or you suffer from hypo/hypercapnia.  With such a high presence in human blood, it was mandatory for the exact parameters of absorption and emission of this molecule be known to improve MRI scans.  Dr Pierre-Marie Robitaille, of the Ohio State University Radiology Department experimented and discovered that CO2 absorption varies with temperature and pressure.  “The emissivity of a gas falls drastically as pressure falls” has been known to engineers since publishing of Thermodynamics of Radiant Heat Transfer by Hottel, Farag in 1954.  Dr Robilaille added the temperature correction, and in the process exposed defects in ALL of the Laws of Radiation.   His video, On the Validity of Kirchoff, at explains the defects in Kirchoff, Stefan, Boltzman and Planck.  BTW, your mother’s warm breath on your baby face is NOT a toxin.

Now, returning to the RIGGED three sided debate between the Darth BIG Warmists, the Luke LITTLE Warmists, and the Obie NO Warmists.  In the April 2010 issue of Disney owned, science psy-op screed Discover, there was a ‘debate’ between Darth Mikie Mann and Luke Judy Curry which proved neither ‘expert’ had any understanding of Thermodynamics, as exposed in “Non Science Nonsense” at Canada Free Press. One of the soapboxes for the Luke camp is the Heartland Foundation, which recently held its ninth conference on climate change at the lovely Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.  You know you are in a city that is serious about maintaining its “Sin City” reputation when the hotel hospitality bar in each room contains a small, chocolate colored box with Gold printing for the ‘Temptation Romance Kit’, which included Premium Condoms, Liquid Ecstacy Personal Lubricant and Ooh-La-La Feather Tickler.  Guest speakers at this event were the high priests of Luke Warming, Dr Roy Spencer, TV weatherman and blogger Anthony Watts and stuntman Chris Monckton.  Also in attendance were at least a dozen Obie NO Warmists to ask the uncomfortable question, WHY DO LUKES COMPLAIN ABOUT DARTH GATE KEEPERS AND DENY DEBATE WITH OBIE ? ? ?

In July of 2010, Dr Roy published a ridiculous article, loosely titled “Yes Virgina, Cold Does Make Hot”, which I responded to with “Rocket Scientists Need NOT Apply” at Canada Free Press.  In repeated online threads, Dr Roy made this assertion and was well and truly rebutted by Dr Pierre Latour, PE in his article “No Virginia, Cooler Objects Do Not Make Warmer Objects Warmer Still” in archive at Principia Scientific International.  One of the Radiation Laws unchallenged by Dr Robitaille is Wien’s Law of the relationship of wavelength to emitting body temperature.  Carbon Dioxide only absorbs in three wavelengths, at the following temperatures, 2.7 micron [800.2 C], 4.3 micron [400.8C] and the 14.7 micron [-80C].  When confronted with this fact, Anthony Watts admitted that CO2 only absorbed tiny amounts of Outgoing Longwave Radiation at night.  NO free moving, three atom gas molecule can capture, store, redirect or amplify electromagnetic energy moving at the speed of light.  These gases merely filter some energy, with Ozone, Oxygen and water vapor filtering more than 30% of the incoming sunlight, and far more than CO2.  Confronted with this information, the comical Moncton launched into a quote in German of the father of Carbon forcing FRAUD, Svante Arrhenius, who is better described in “The Strange Tale of the Green House Gang” in archive at

Knowing that there were a dozen active sabatours to the Luke hypothesis sitting in the 600 scientist audience, Monckton [no “L” word needed in America], then pulled a public deception when asking a series of questions about skeptics and deniers.

“Other things being equal, is it likely that adding CO2 to the atmosphere will cause some warming, NO HANDS” was made as a single statement before Chris could count the dozen hands that were skeptical of this position.  Chris doubled down on that at WUWT stating “not one denied that we’ve contributed to AGW since 1950.”

A curious fact is that since water vapor absorbs in the 14.77 micron range along with CO2, the Darth alchemists were required to claim that water vapor is also a ‘warming’ greenhouse gas.  The average thunderstorm is 20 km in diameter, contains 10^15 joules of energy removed from Earth’s surface by Latent Heat of Vaporization and constantly being delivered to the upper atmosphere by Latent Heat of Condensation, see “Science Goes Over-Under, Inside-Out” at the FauxScienceSlayer site.  Eventually the average thunderstorm will drop 15 x10^8 kilograms of cooling rain, or freezing hail, sleet or snow on the warmer Earth.  There are over 1,800 average thunderstorms per day, over 16 million a year warming [cooling?] the Earth.

The absurd Carbon climate forcing can be rebutted along multiple lines of evidence in multiple disciplines, including the above mentioned Thermodynamics and Radiation Law violations.  Heat transfer is a function of Specific Heat, mass and temperature difference.  The SH for CO2 is 0.80 which is less than standard air, meaning CO2 heats AND cools faster than air.  The 28 gigatons that humans add to the atmosphere involves less than one cubic mile of Carbon, combined with two cubic miles of atmospheric Oxygen.  To assume that this tiny mass has any influence on temperature of 310 million cubic miles of ocean at average 3C and 259 trillion cubic miles of mostly molten rock is beyond absurd.

Also roaming the faux skeptic 9th ICCC Luke convention was a professor who has verified the definite link between seismic events and satellite temperature data.  This is the exact forcing mechanism that I mentioned in “Motive Force for All Climate Change” at in May 2009, and expanded in a dozen articles at the site.  When confronted with this new information, Chris Monckton admitted that this was likely the smoking gun, and I will add, the end to the Darth and Luke charade.  There has been an intentional trifecta of government forced lies with regard to energy, including Carbon climate forcing, ‘sustainable’ energy and ‘peak’ oil.  The site has multiple articles explaining the defects of all of these frauds.  Humanity has suffered long enough under the deceptions of the ruling money changers in the temple.  Every epiphany is permanent.  Have your epiphany and then share with your fellow Earthlings.  Obombie is just the current POTUS puppet, tasked with delivering this contrived elitist meme.  It is time for a Truth Tsunami to destroy the Obombie Origami of LIES.