Because Integrity is Worth Defending

Mission Statement

To protect and defend the victims and witnesses

of medical and scientific corruption.

About OMSJ

After six successful years of operations between July 2009-May 2015, OMSJ has ended all operations.

The Office of Medical & Scientific Justice (OMSJ) was a private investigation agency (license #26869) and a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit corporation (DOJ #CT0172071, Corp #3218992, DUNS: 94-199-9505).  Clark Baker was OMSJ’s CEO and Principal Investigator.

Having conducted thousands of criminal and civil investigations since 1980 with the LAPD and as a licensed investigator, Mr. Baker founded OMSJ in 2009 after witnessing the reluctance of government agencies and research centers to investigate allegations related to medical and scientific corruption (also known as JUNK SCIENCE). 

Many of the agencies and companies that market junk science fund activist groups and local, state and national politicians who facilitate corruption that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars in wasted research dollars. Institutional corruption occurs at three levels:

  • Through large-scale lobbying and political contributions, the pharmaceutical industry has influenced Congress to pass legislation that has compromised the mission of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • As a result of industry pressure, Congress has underfunded FDA enforcement capacities since 1906, and turning to industry-paid “user fees” since 1992 has biased funding to limit the FDA’s ability to protect the public from serious adverse reactions to drugs that have few offsetting advantages.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has commercialized and undermined the role of physicians as independent and trusted advisers to patients.

According to Lancet Editor Richard Horton, as much as 50 percent of all medical and scientific literature is wrong. Junk science is used to keep predators on the streets and convict the innocent. In this way, junk science injures or kills 2-4 million Americans annually.  The actual human and financial losses are incalculable.

Although the Justice Department routinely pursues cases like this, the fact that a company like Astra Zeneca can pay a $520 million fine for the illegal marketing of a drug that generates $4 billion a year smacks of arrangements once made between small town mayors, their appointed police chiefs and local madams. Unlike drug kingpins and cartels, US drug companies are typically allowed to raise drug prices, pay fines and avoid jail sentences.

OMSJ Served

  • Children, parents and others subjected to criminal, civil or administrative action used to enforce health department compliance (i.e. pharmaceutical, chemo, vaccine schedule etc.).
  • Criminal, civil and UCMJ (military) defendants charged with violations of health-related laws (i.e. criminal HIV cases)
  • Parents of vaccine-injured children who are accused of “child abuse” or murder (i.e. “shaken baby syndrome”)
  • Researchers, doctors, students and academics who become aware of ethical conflicts or corruption within research centers, universities, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Members of medical and scientific non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • OMSJ conducts due diligence investigations for donors who fund research grants and gifts


OMSJ provided services like HIV Innocence Group, which provides medical, scientific, legal and investigative support to legal counsel in the defense of those charged with criminal or civil offenses related to HIV and other diseases. 


Kevin McDermott, (US v. David Gutierrez, USAF)

“Should such a rehearing occur before a trial court, David Gutierrez’ defense will assert in mitigation that his original diagnosis of HIV was not supported by his medical history nor by the testing protocol employed by the Air Force. In the original application for clemency submitted on behalf of David Gutierrez shortly after his trial, experts opined that David Gutierrez was, in all likelihood, HIV free and the diagnosis was in error.”The expertise and investigation into the underlying circumstances and the facts in this case was provided through the efforts of Clark Baker and the personnel and experts of the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice, OMSJ… Without OMSJ’ s efforts and diligence, the results in this case could not have been possible.” (23 Feb 2015)

Capt. Johnathan Legg, USAF (US v. AB GA)

“(W)e were able to work out a deal for AB (GA) that involved dropping some of the charges, including the sexual assault charge. I am grateful for your assistance, and I have recommended that other ADCs with similar cases consult with your organization for advice about strategy. Thank you for standing with us for AB (GA). Your organization’s support helped us put together a show of force that would generally not be available to a young E-1, such as our client.” (see email, 13 Nov 2013)

Attorney Richard L. Harris (Idaho v. Roland Rivera)

“On behalf of my client, Roland Rivera, I would like to thank OMSJ for all its support in helping us reach an extremely favorable plea-bargain agreement in a tough, criminal case. While my client was told he was HIV positive many years ago, both he and I were unaware that these tests are largely unreliable and that the science underpinning them was so sketchy. It was an eye-opening experience for me to observe your office depose my client’s treating AIDS physician, and how he testified under oath about the numerous “false positives” on these tests, and how the makers of the PCR test specifically disclaim any ability to confirm or diagnose HIV infection. Clark, you helped an innocent man, escape years of prison, based on your challenge of the AIDS science. On behalf of my client, his family, and myself, we are grateful for your efforts. As a long-time prosecutor, now turned criminal defense attorney, I’d be glad to spread the OMSJ word to other attorneys in other jurisdictions, who are representing defendants falsely accused of spreading “HIV.” (see letter, 20 Jun 2013)

Maj. Patrick D. Gregory, USA (US v. SSG TD)

“I wanted to take some time to thank you and the entire OMSJ team for the invaluable assistance you provide in the case of U.S. v. SSG TM. I initially approached you to request advice from you and your team with great reluctance. However, after witnessing the effort of the entire OMSJ team and your passion for helping Soldiers, I am glad I did. Once the prosecutors learned that the OMSJ team was assisting the defense, they were very excited and motivated to reach a deal that proved overwhelmingly favorable to SSG TM… I am grateful for you assistance. I cannot thank you enough.” (see letter, 30 Apr 2013)

Lt. Charles Roman, USN (US v. AEAN RS)

“Airman (RS) has agreed to a pre-trial agreement in this case… Thanks again for everything you and your stellar team have done for (RS). It was a pleasure working with you.” (see email 29 Nov 2012)

Attorney John R. Maus (Virginia v. Jonathan Price)

“(P)lease accept my thanks for the work that the HIV Innocence Group… on behalf of my client, who was charged with two felony offenses of infected sexual battery, conviction of either of which would have exposed him to incarceration for up to 5 years. OMSJ’s intervention in this case resulted in a plea agreement under the terms of which the charges against Mr. Price… will be dismissed if he complies with certain terms and conditions… We would not have been able to negotiate such a favorable agreement had it not been for OMSJ’s participation in the case.” (See letter, 8 Oct 2012)

Attorney Rhonda Portwood (Florida v. Yvonne Andrews)

“My forty (40) year old client was facing… two first-degree felonies that could have put her in prison for sixty (60) years… for the rest of her life. Through your assistance and guidance, I not only learned a tremendous amount about the problems that people with an HIV positive test face, but also that science in this area is not absolute. I am now thoroughly convinced that diagnosing is an extremely complex task requiring qualified expert oversight, and that HIV is not a diagnosis that a health department nurse is even close to being capable of diagnosing… Due to the hard work of Mr. Baker, OMSJ and Baron Coleman, my client was able to make her own offer to the prosecution, which was accepted almost immediately. I can’t write enough to our thanks for all of your help… May God bless each and every one of you! ” (see letter, 27 Sep 2012)

Client Yvonne Andrews (Florida v. Yvonne Andrews)

“Mr. Baker to me is heaven sent. He is my angel. I will be in debt to that man for the rest of my life. I can’t even express the feelings I felt when they came and told me. Words cannot express it.“I want my story to be told because I want everybody to know the truth. I had no idea you could destroy somebody’s life just like that, just accusations, no proof, just hearsay. No idea. I was in prison with a girl who was part of a drug deal gone bad… she ran over a man and crushed his skull. She was in for murder. Her maximum was 15 years. My maximum was 60 years…”I sat down to write Mr. Baker a thank you letter, but after a week of mulling it over, I still could not find the words. I have never had anybody help me the way Mr. Baker has helped me and my attorney here.”The team at OMSJ, those people are working for a higher power. For all the people who are innocent and don’t deserve any of this, but nobody hears them. Nobody wants to hear it. One day it will all come out. The truth will come out.”

Attorney Christina Scherrey (State of Arkansas v. Johan Smith, CR-12-138)

“(T)he prosecutor came down from a 15 year offer to a 5 year offer on ALL of his cases. And Mr. Smith decided to settle everything the HIV case, his terroristic threatening case, and the Petition to Revoke all at once. It was a much better offer than we even expected given all the cases and his priors. I believe the massive discovery on the HIV case that you provided made a BIG difference in the prosecutor getting motivated to settle the case… Thank you SO much! And Mr. Smith thanks you as well!” (email dated 28 Aug 2012)

Client Tom Call (Iowa v. Thomas Call)

“I want to say a personal thanks to OMSJ for all of the support and time that they spent with me while I was going thru my nightmare with the charge for possible transmission of HIV. If it was not for OMSJ, and my attorney, I know I could have never gone this far and feel so relieved here in the end of it with the dismissal… Thank you all and a very very special thanks to Clark Baker, who spent hours on the phone with me when I was not at my best.” (email, 9 Jan 2012)

Attorney Philip Cave (US Army – US v. Lieutenant Colonel KP):

“… thank you and OMSJ for the tremendous support given in the above case.

“As you know LTC KARP was initially accused of various offenses. They included aggravated assault by exposing two complaining witnesses to HIV through a means likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm. We were able to get the charges involving one of the complaining witnesses dismissed completely… Having now used your services in a case of my own I will seek to use the same services in future cases. I will also recommend the services of OMSJ to my colleagues.”

Attorney Bill Cassara (US Army – US v. Sergeant TD):

“(W)hen I was first approached about OMSJ I was reluctant to do so. However, after seeing the incredible efforts of Baron Coleman and the OMSJ team, I am glad I did. Baron and the team did an exceptional job of refuting the government’s main contention in this case, that SGT TD was HIV positive. Through Baron’s cross examination of the government’s expert witness and the testimony of the OMSJ experts, we were able to cast “reasonable doubt” on that assertion.”Baron’s skillful cross-examination of the government’s expert, along with the testimony of the OMSJ experts, were invaluable in this case. I can’t thank you enough.”

Attorney Aaron Walsh:

“Without the hard work and resources Jason and I have been provided by OMSJ, this outcome would have been impossible, and Mr. Young very likely would have died in prison. On truly horrible facts, we got a very generous deal, and Jason and I are both very well aware that without OMSJ, that would never have happened… (OMSJ) has our deepest gratitude.”

Marine Corps attorney Capt. Eldon Beck wrote:

“Our success in challenging the HIV issues in our case is largely due to Clark Baker (a former Marine, retired LAPD investigator, and licensed CA PI), Baron Coleman (a young civilian lawyer with expertise challenging HIV prosecutions), and other members of Clark’s team at the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ). Without them, we would not have been able to effectively challenge the HIV testing, chain of custody, and alleged diagnosis of our client… You should contact (OMSJ) immediately if you are detailed to an HIV-related case.”

District Public Defender Roger Nell:

“… I was completely unaware of the full complexity of the scientific issues that attend a criminal exposure to HIV case. OMSJ provided invaluable assistance by perfecting the discovery request, evaluating the initial disclosures, and by critically analyzing the medical documentation. While criminal defense attorneys are typically attune to the problems with certain scientific/expert evidence, we are not as aware of the issues surrounding diagnosis of HIV and tend to accept it at face value. With thanks to OMSJ, those of us who have had these cases no longer assume the medical diagnosis is a fact beyond change.

A former client: “I have never had a suicidal thought in my life. I sure was then. I remember being in my room having a very somber moment when your call came thru… the loneliness and despair one feels going thru this is overwhelming... I had no idea you would be my Knights in Shining Armor, but you did give me hope, therefore a reason to live. You and your group at OMSJ saved my life both in reality and figuratively…