Nobel Curse for AIDS, Big Pharma

7 Dec 2009 – by Terry Michael: Nobel Prize winner’s views on HIV/AIDS could be an inconvenient truth for Big Pharma.  Who knows what those inscrutable Scandinavians had in mind awarding a Nobel to President Barack Obama, who is about to pick up his Peace Prize in Oslo just a week after making more war in Afghanistan.

President “Obomba” will jet later in December to the greenhouse gas gathering in Copenhagen, where former Vice President Al Gore’s Nobel gold, for a prize-winning Power Point on global warming, may get tarnished by the convenient lies of Climategate (emailed over the Internet Gore invented.)

More bad news may be on its way for the Nobel — an inconvenient truth that could damage some big brands of Big Pharma, not just a couple of American politicians. I speak of last year’s Nobel in medicine, given to France’s Dr. Luc Montagnier.

Montagnier got his gold for discovering “HIV” — the increasingly mysterious retrovirus announced by the U.S. government 25 years ago this past April as “the probable cause of AIDS,” a finding that spawned a multi-billion dollar, anti-retroviral profit center in the pharmaceutical industry.

Problem is, Montagnier is now saying in a new documentary film: “We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system.”

That’s a direct quote from an interview with Montagnier in “House of Numbers,” an award-winning full-length production by director Brent Leung that has been playing the film festival circuit around the world for the past eight months. The film is about to hit theaters and cable early in 2010.

Montagnier’s assertion is antithetical to the American scientific consensus (like the global warming consensus?) that nothing can rid the body of HIV, that only drugs-for-life chemotherapy profitably peddled by Big Pharma can keep the HIV monster under control.

Actually, Montagnier has been arguing for two decades against the single pathogen theory of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. As reported in The New York Times  on June 22, 1990, “Dr. Luc Montagnier…says increasing evidence is leading him to conclude that AIDS is caused not by a virus alone, but by a microbe and a virus working together.”

Montagnier argues that malnutrition and lack of clean drinking water are the real culprits causing “AIDS” in Africa, to which the HIV-AIDS epidemic has been off-shored, along with the profitable “life saving treatments” that will be financed from $50 billion in “PEPFAR” funds appropriated in 2008 under George W. Bush. That would be the same president who appointed as his defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former CEO of one of the biggest purveyors of HIV chemotherapy, Gilead Sciences  of Foster City, CA — one of the most politically connected pharmaceutical companies on the planet — which includes on its Board former Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz and former Special Trade Representative under George H.W. Bush, Carla Hills.

I’m no expert on stock (I don’t own any) but if I held any pharmaceutical securities I’d be worried about their value as the public sees deeper down this rabbit hole. However, I have studied the mysteries of HIV-AIDS for the past three years and recently published an 8,000-word special report on HIV-AIDS: End to AIDS Nearer Than We Think? Re-appraising HIV in its 25th Anniversary Year.

Gilead and other AIDS drug sellers may be one big class action lawsuit away from those whose health has been damaged by the “Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapies.”

The benign-sounding HAART has been prescribed for the last dozen years for hundreds of thousands of people with no presenting AIDS-defining illnesses only “positive” results from a so-called “HIV test” — an assay for blood proteins believed to be associated with antibodies, which are the natural immunity defenses that Montagnier says can handle the virus on its own, with no drugs or vaccines. Those emerging health disasters are documented in a recent excellent piece in New York Magazine, “Another Kind of AIDS Crisis.”

Such a class-action suit was foreshadowed in December 2007 by a $2.5 million jury award to a Massachusetts woman, who received HIV treatments for nine years before discovering her HIV antibody test was a “false positive.”

Lawsuit or not, it’s time on this 25th anniversary of “HIV” to re-open discussion of a flawed AIDS theory, which has psychologically terrorized and inflicted drug harm and added another burden to Africa.

THESTREET.COM — 12/07/09 – Reposted from  See also Terry Michael’s special report, End to AIDS Nearer Than We Think?

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