I am an orthopedic surgeon.  I recently went through my hospital’s “Fair hearing” process at [hospital and state redacted].  After the lengthy process, I lost my hospital privileges and my name was sent to the Data Bank.  I am not out of work.  I need help to fight this case in the courts but have lost my home and assets defending myself.  Can you help me?

Sadly, OMSJ receives too many requests like this.  While peer review often works in favor of patient safety (1, 2, 3, 4), it is also used maliciously by hospitals to silence staff doctors and to attack competing clinicians.

If you are a medical professional and suspect that your employer is building a case against you…



In 1979, physicians of St. Francis Medical Center (California) targeted Verner Waite MD after he refused to pad his bills with questionable insurance reimbursements as recommended.  For his “poor judgment,” the hospital’s chiefs of staff and surgery threatened to suspend Dr. Waite’s clinical privileges.  Their efforts derailed when Dr. Waite sued.  A Superior Court judge eventually awarded Dr. Waite $500,000, characterizing the hospital’s peer review process as a kangaroo court.

Threatened by this case and other potential lawsuits, healthcare industry lobbyists paid millions of dollars to protect hospitals from lawsuits like Dr. Waite’s.  In 1986, Congress passed the cynically-titled Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA pron. HICK-WA).  Drafted and promoted by hospital lawyers as a victory for “patient safety,” HCQIA largely indemnifies corrupt doctors and administrators who retaliate against clinicians who report corruption, fraud and dangerous doctors within their own hospitals.

Recognizing this legislation as a new threat, Dr. Waite founded the Semmelweis Society (1986).  During the next 20 years, he became an influential advocate for fair medical peer review (1994) and called for the end of what he called sham peer review (SPR).  While the Alliance for Patient Safety offers a voluminous file of cases, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and Semmelweis Society International (SSI) have provided leadership, guidance and defense for maliciously-targeted physicians.

In addition to the services and support of those organizations, OMSJ provides investigative expertise, support and resources that medical doctors are often unaware of.  If you believe that you are being targeted, CONTACT OMSJ IMMEDIATELY.