Attorney Describes Flaws with HIV Industry

October 31, 2013

After successfully representing clients including Terry Hedgepeth, Washington DC Attorney Jonathan Dailey now represents Bobby Russell who, after receiving HIV drugs and treatment for almost eight years, learned that his doctors had diagnosed him with HIV.  Now, the 43-year-old Lexington man is suing the doctors and others at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, the UK-affiliated Bluegrass Care Clinic, and the Fayette County Health Department for medical malpractice:

“I feel like I was sentenced to a crime I wasn’t guilty of,” Russell said in an interview. “I have intentionally put distance between my family and my friends because I thought I was dying, and I didn’t want my family to see me dying. I didn’t want my nieces and nephews see me deteriorating. I thought I was dying…

“Emotionally, mentally, it destroyed me. It just destroyed me,” Russell said. “In 2009, when things got really bad for me, suicide was a strong option for me.”

Mr. Russell’s story is posted at OMSJ.

This week, Beth Ely interviewed Mr. Dailey in this revealing interview – not just discussing the Hedgepeth or Russell cases, but widespread incompetence related to the testing, treatment, and diagnosis of patients throughout North America and Europe.