Medibid May Offer Alternatives to ObamaCare

November 4, 2013

Passage of the “Affordable Healthcare Act” (ACA) is leading to increases in medical costs that will increase over the months and years ahead.  With millions of upper and middle class Americans facing the loss of health insurance, a company called Medibid offers a cost-effective solution that allows anyone to compete for non-emergency medical procedures that could save time and money.

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MediBid is an online marketplace where you can get transparency and competition in medical pricing.  Employers that offer self-insured benefit plans can offer MediBid to employees so that they can get a cash price, which is often half of the insurance company price. This can save a plan up to 35% on your healthcare costs.

Like, individuals can register, create a profile, and pay a fee to submit a bid.  Consumers can find prices up to 80% less than retail and half of “insurance prices”.

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