OMSJ Fights the Good Fight

September 6, 2011

Los Angeles, September 6, 2011 – OMSJ (The Office of Medical & Scientific Justice), a highly recognized and successful non-profit investigation agency, reports that medical and scientific corruption (“junk science”) permeates the pharmaceutical industry and US regulators – adversely affecting the health of Americans and millions worldwide.

“Since 2004, the pharmaceutical industry has paid more than $9 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure a million Americans annually,”  says Clark Baker, OMSJ’s Director and Principal Investigator.  “Whether it’s vaccines, HIV, cancer or routine medical exams, industry CEOs routinely compromise public safety for profits.  By the time a CEO creates a shell company to settle lawsuits, thousands of Americans are injured or killed.”

Having conducted thousands of criminal and civil investigations since 1980 with the Los Angeles Police Department and as a licensed investigator, Mr. Baker has earned more than eighty commendations from local, state and federal officials.  Baker founded OMSJ in 2009 after witnessing the reluctance of government agencies to investigate.

“As someone who has arrested hundreds of junkies and dealers, it’s hard for me to watch families, especially children, suffer at the hands of these unrestrained corporate monsters,” continues Baker.  “During the past two years, we’ve exposed this corruption in more than two dozen criminal, civil and military cases throughout the US.  In time, we expect that the media will report what pharmaceutical advertising revenues convince them not to report now.” 

About OMSJ

OMSJ protects and defends the victims and witnesses of medical and scientific corruption.  For more information please visit or contact them at


Peter Nilsson
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