Do HIV Drugs Cause AIDS?

October 27, 2009

Last May, Clark Baker reported on the destructive and highly addictive effects on AZT and Sustiva. The subject of my report was Karri Stokely, a young mother who began treatment for AIDS in 1996 despite having no apparent symptoms of HIV or AIDS. The photos below show what the drugs did to her and how well she recovered AFTER SHE STOPPED THE DRUGS.

Do HIV Drugs cause AIDS? You decide.

Karri Before Diagnosis

In 1993, Karri was the picture of health after giving birth to her first baby.

This photo, taken November 1993, shows a healthy mother two years before her diagnosis.

This is Karri and her family shortly after her HIV+ diagnosis in May 1996. She began treatment with AZT and Crixivan the next month.

Karri In Treatment for HIV

Six months after beginning the drug treatments, Karri begins to feel the effects of the drugs. She’s told by her clinician that her symptoms are related to HIV and AIDS, not the drugs.

During the next four years, Karri suffers serious side effects from the drugs. Note the loss of hair and pale complexion. Clinicians tell her that these are the effects of HIV and AIDS and NOT the drugs.

In December 2006, Karri shows the classic symptoms and appearance of “full blown AIDS.” This is what she looked like after a decade of AIDS drugs.

In 2007, Karri’s husband discovered Peter Duesberg’s questions about HIV. After reviewing the research that her clinicians refused to provide to her, Karri stopped the drugs. Her reaction was cosistent with the classic signs of withdrawal from addictive drugs like alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamines. The worst of those withdrawal symptoms lasted four months. When she saw her clinician, he told her she would die from AIDS within a few months.

Karri Today

Based upon these photos and Karri’s story, it’s hard to ignore the political benefits of Karri’s medical poisoning. When healthy heterosexual women supposedly acquire HIV, their treatment with deadly and highly addictive drugs mimic many of the same side effects that promiscuous gay crystal meth addicts suffer. Had Karri died from the drugs, her doctor would have used her mortality to promote the mythology that AIDS threatens ordinary Americans.

Karri’s survival and recovery suggests that her disease was political, not medical.


Karri describes how she learned she was HIV+ (taped Nov 2009)

Check out how the drugs were used to kill Cheryl Nagel’s adopted baby, Lindsay. The baby survived ONLY because she stopped the drugs. Despite her death sentence as a baby, Lindsay is a happy and healthy 19-year-old woman today – WITHOUT THE DRUGS!

John Hankins was diagnosed HIV+ in 1985 and told he would live only a few years. He took an HIV cocktail for several years. He’s healthy today, without drugs.

Maria Papagiannidou

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