Hillary Clinton: HIV Not a Significant Risk

March 14, 2012

15 March: NEW YORK – According to a US Cable released by WikiLeaks, the US Government has ceased all HIV testing of visa applicants, declaring that HIV infection is “not a communicable disease that is of significant public health risk.”

The cable was signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Investigative reporter Celia Farber reports:

This is a cable from the Office of The Secretary of State dated 16 Dec, 2009, published at WikiLeaks, following Cablegate. It states that on Nov 2nd, 2009, HHS/CDC published a “Final Rule in the Federal Register that will remove HIV infection from the list of communicable diseases of public health significance and remove references to HIV from the scope of medical examinations for aliens.” The Final Rule went into effect on January 4, 2010. A quote from the cable reads:

“The CDC determined that while HIV infection is a serious health condition, it is not a communicable disease that is a significant public health risk for introduction, transmission, and spread through casual contact. — We refer you to the CDC for further guidance.”

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