Holy war for P.C. crusaders

October 10, 2013

(BOSTON HERALD) First of all, let’s call this WGBH-David Koch brouhaha what it really is. It’s not a political fight, it’s a religious war. Koch has blasphemed the Church of Climate Change, formerly known as the Church of Global Warming, except the P.C. shamans had to change the name 
because they couldn’t “hide the decline” in worldwide temperatures, to use a 
famous phrase from one of their prophets.

by Howie Carr

To those moonbats who were out on Guest Street yesterday — including the one dressed in an Elmo costume — David Koch is not a political foe, he’s an apostate, a heretic.

So they have declared a fatwah against him.

Let’s face it, they’d like to burn Koch at the stake, except they’re worried about the carbon footprint it would leave.

“His point of view is a lie,” said one no-nonsense granny from the People’s Republic of Brookline.

Koch has a different viewpoint. Ergo, he lies. See, what these fruitcakes believe is that global warming, er climate change, 
is “settled science.”

Full disclosure: David Koch and I went to the same prep school. On the other hand, he’s worth $36 billion, and I’m not. But we’ve both had our problems at WGBH. The moonbats want to fire him from the board, and they once succeeded in getting me fired from Ch. 2 for the same crime he’s accused of, 
insufficient Political Correctness.

The Brattle Street brass were holding firm to keep me on the old Ten O’Clock News, right up until the Sunday Globe ran a column suggesting a boycott by all Ch. 2 contributors until I was axed. So you don’t have to tell me about celebrating diversity.

My eyebrows are still singed from when the bow-tied bumkissers tied me to the stake.

You know “climate change” is a religion 
because they have excuses for everything, just like the Rev. Harold Camping came up with an alibi for why the world didn’t end on the day he said it would.

Eighteen years of no “warming” — that’s not nearly enough time, it’s a mere “anecdote.” Two days of Megastorm Sandy — the sky is falling! The sky is falling! We told you so!

I don’t know David Koch — he was 12 years ahead of me at Deerfield — but I do know he’s given tens of millions to our school, not to mention the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and WGBH, and God 
only knows who else. 
He’s a phil­anthropist. Last week even the Globe ran a story about his latest gift to MIT.

Earlier this year, he and his brother were report­edly thinking about buying a bunch of bust-
out moonbat newspapers, including the 
L.A. Times. The paper just announced this week they won’t be 
running any more letters to the editor questioning “climate change,” because it is, after all, “settled science.”

One last thing: Hey, Elmo, get a job.

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