Global Alarmists waste no time exploiting Typhoon Haiyan

November 16, 2013

(CANADA FREE PRESS) A Pastor in England contacted me through Facebook to share a petition he wanted people to sign. Low and behold the petition blatantly blamed the ferocity of the typhoon on global warming.

by David C. Jennings

I’ve only spoken to him once (about 4 years ago) and the message was in the personal inbox which peaked my curiosity. (FB users know that most messaging in ‘on the wall’ rather than private).

He urged us to stand with the Philippines after the disaster of the typhoon and to sign the petition. I didn’t see how a petition could help so I read it in order to see what sort of aid his Christian groups might be involved in.

Low and behold the petition blatantly blamed the ferocity of the typhoon on global warming and carbon emissions; and what they want, far from ‘standing with the Philippines’ is to “ratchet up pollution controls and help poorer communities with funding.”

typhoon haiyan

Now to the low-information voter pollution controls sound sensible and helping the poor seems to be a good thing. That is until they take your money to create yet another overlapping program which only benefits the bureaucrats running it.

First things first, I set about to set the unwitting Pastor straight replying to his message which I’m sure he had individually sent to many in the same way. I replied:

“This petition is not about standing with the Philippines it is about a false claim that Global Warming was responsible for the Typhoon Haiyan. Typhoons and other climactic disasters existed before scientists were ever employed to come up with the concept of global warming. In fact,  monster storms are recorded in the New Testament long before the first carbon emission. Global warming, driven by carbon emissions is a lie. The earth is now cooler than it was in 1998 despite an increase in emission output. This petition, authored by the Climate Commissioner for the Philippines, is a despicable way of taking advantage of a tragedy in order to forward a political goal. Global Warming science would have been already abandoned as false if it were not for all the science, money, celebrity endorsements and political appointments that are completely invested in it.”

I then ended by simply saying: “I will not be signing the petition.”

In the said petition which is titled ‘Stand with the Philippines’, Commissioner Yeb Sano – the author – spends two paragraphs describing the devastation of the storm, but then three more blaming mythical global warming and demanding change at the UN Warsaw talks. The summary of the petition which appears at the top right of the webpage goes like this:

“Superstorm Haiyan is a climate nightmare—carbon pollution is driving more frequent and intense storms which are devastating vulnerable communities. New realities require new politics, I urge you to stop the sad tradition of feet-dragging on commitments to cut pollution, and breaking promises on finance. We must acknowledge the new climate reality and put forward a new system to help us manage the risks and deal with the losses to which we cannot adjust. I call on you to stand with the Filipino people by taking major steps forward on these issues at the Warsaw climate talks.”

The word ‘new’ appears four times in this as if that is the key talking point. New realities, new politics, new climate reality, new system. Of course there are no new realities on the subject but you can hear the click click click on the keyboard of an American political consultant. The English verbiage is just way too good.

I noticed the petition is distributed by Avaaz, which means voice in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. It’s a name intended to communicate neutrality and the promotion of democracy but an investigation reveals the presence of some old friends from the hard left, particularly in America.

Key co-founders include American left-wing political action committee, American union Service Employees International (SEIU) and Australian online progressive group ‘Getup’. These groups together are going to (and do) produce a left-wing cocktail of activities including support for Edward Snowden, favoring the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel, and opposition to Sun TV Canada because it would resemble the Fox News Channel.

So here we have it, Avaaz takes a natural disaster and uses it to campaign for more action on global warming. No wonder in 2008, Canadian conservative minister John Baird said Avaaz was a “shadowy foreign organization” tied to billionaire philanthropist George Soros (or ‘Spooky Dude’ to Glenn Beck followers).

Nobody has successfully showed Spooky Dude can be linked to Avaaz directly but there is no doubt the organization masquerades as one for social justice while having the more cloaked aim of advancing left-wing control on a multi-national scale.