Due Diligence

October 21, 2009

Potential clients may find disparaging remarks about Clark Baker and OMSJ by pharmaceutical reps like Todd DeShong, Seth Kalichman, John Moore,Jeanne Bergman and others who write in the South African blog AIDSTruth – a propaganda website created after Harper’s published Celia Farber’s reportabout the deadly corruption of AIDS research.

In 2008, Mr. Baker investigated their allegations and corroborated many of Ms. Farber’s findings.  His investigation resulted in Farber’s libel lawsuitagainst AIDSTruth cohort Richard Jefferys.  That case is still pending.

Although investigators are accustomed to ridicule from those they expose, the public is less familiar when attacks are generated by people who call themselves doctors.  But if we understand why corrupt doctors sell their diplomas to an industry that paid $8 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints since 2004, their attacks make more sense.

The HIV Innocence Project represents a considerable threat to an industry that has, until now, used basketball players and criminal HIV laws to generate hysteria that sells meaningless HIV tests and deadly drugs.  OMSJ applies considerable pressure on these AIDS propagandists by simply forcing prosecutors to prove HIV infection.  When prosecutors can’t do it, their case collapses.

Potential clients must weigh Mr. Baker’s 30 years and active licenses (2) against the rants of unlicensed and unaccountable pharmaceutical reps.

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