Boxing Champion Dead at 44: Illnesses Not Associated with HIV

September 7, 2013

7 Sep (NATURAL NEWS) – Tommy “The Duke” Morrison passed away Sunday night after a long period of suffering from numerous health issues. News reports regarding his fight with illness have attributed his health issues to being caused by untreated HIV/AIDS, but his wife, Trisha Morrison, tells a whole different story.

by John Strangis

morrison_1800797aTrisha insists that his death was caused by multiple organ failure and that he was suffering from Miller Fisher syndrome/Guillain-Barré syndrome and other health problems caused by the negligence of the hospital staff and not by HIV.

Tommy Morrison was an American heavyweight boxer and a former World Boxing Organization champion. His career ended when he tested positive for HIV in 1996. He made a comeback in 2006 and tested negative several times before becoming seriously ill. His problems started with an infection caused by a tick bite to the chest, for which he sought hospital treatment.

Once admitted, and after numerous medical procedures, his health deteriorated, but he kept on fighting. During his ordeal, Trisha continued to seek for answers from professionals who kept claiming he was ill because of untreated HIV infection. It seems that nobody could provide her with satisfactory information confirming this. Below are quotes from emails I have received from Trisha Morrison, wife of Tommy Morrison, who has given me permission to make them public.

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