Incompetent Tests, Docs, Target Blacks

December 2, 2011

“… if your HIV test is positive because you have a flu vaccine are you going to be arrested because you had sex with a partner?  That’s the absurdity of it.  But the doctors are not being informed of that and certainly the patients are not being informed of that.  All they are trying to do is tell – especially in the African American community – is they’re really pushing for testing.  But the test is designed in such a way that the African American community looks as if they’re five to seven times more positive than the Caucasian community.  It’s not possible, but they designed the test in terms of the antibodies to elicit antibodies that more common in African Americans.   Are they telling people that?  No.” 

Nancy Banks MD

In this recent interview, Dr. Banks describes her work with OMSJ’s HIV Innocence Group with Gary Null, Ph.D.   Dr. Banks is a career OBGYN, surgeon, STD expert and the author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds & Empire (2010).

The interview is posted HERE.  (Dr. Banks’ comments begin at 46min/45sec.)