In June 1981, Congress was prepared to withdraw funding from corrupt and incompetent cancer researchers.

At the same time, a small population of men began to get sick from the deadly effects of promiscuity and drug abuse.

When outspoken conservatives blamed the illnesses on the gay lifestyle, President Reagan endured tremendous pressure to find a cure for what quickly became a political disease.

Faced with reduced funding and potential unemployment, scientists like Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci obliged.

In a remarkable departure from established protocol, the journal Science published Gallo’s four reports (1, 2, 3, 4) before any of them had conclusively established HIV causation and before other scientists had time to critically evaluate the evidence presented. Despite what Gallo and HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler told the press in 1984, no one has ever proved that HIV attacks cells or causes AIDS. Some scientists, including the Perth Group, still seek proof that HIV even exists.

Because of Robert Gallo’s dubious record as a research scientist; the departure from sound scientific discipline and the deadly and unconscionable effects of HIV policy in the US and around the world, OMSJ supports the demand for the editors of Science to depublish Gallo’s reports or to explain why.

If you also support this effort, use this form letter to make your voice heard to the editors of Science.