When the “Law Winks” at Vaccines and Dead Babies

October 7, 2011

Last year, Prof. Susan Reverby reported on the recent history of human experimention in the US and Guatemala.  Prof. Reverby wrote that virologists “knew that secrecy, and even law-breaking was sometimes necessary to further research,” quoting the father of virology who later explained:

(I)t’s against the law to do many things, but the law winks when a reputable man wants to do a scientific experiment.  For example, the criminal code of the City of New York holds that is a felony to inject a person with infectious material.  Well, I tested out live yellow fever vaccine right on my ward in the Rockefeller Hospital.  It was no secret, and I assure you that the people in the New York City Department of Health knew it was being done.  Unless the law winks occasionally, you have no progress in medicine.

This week, Irish news reporter Katie Hannon reveals how pharmaceutical companies, universities and governments injured and killed hundreds of babies to test vaccines without consent; how they delivered the babies to universities and medical schools for dissection, and how government agencies continue to stonewall survivors and siblings who seek answers.

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