The Marketing of AIDS

May 3, 2010

Social marketing represents a unique system for understanding who people are, what they desire and then organizing the creation, delivery and communication of products, services and messages to meet their desires while at the same time meeting the needs of society and solve serious social problems.

“Social Marketing”
Academy for Educational Development

Joseph Sonnabend MD is a distinguished retired physician, scientist and AIDS researcher, notable for pioneering community-based research, the propagation of safe sex to prevent infection, and an early and unconventional multifactorial model (Co-factors) of AIDS. During the 1980s and 1990s he treated many hundreds of HIV positive people.

In these recently-released outtakes from the documentary House of Numbers, Dr. Sonnabend describes how amfAR exaggerated the risk of AIDS to funding from Congress:

One day one of the networks had received a press release from us, and the press release said that heterosexual AIDS is about to happen, that straight men are going to drop in droves… And I said that’s B.S. where’d you get that from?  It was a total fraud and scam. It was a fundraising ploy… but it was so efficient that it resulted in a LIFE Magazine cover which said ‘No one is safe from AIDS.’ … Once he put out this scare, the money started to flow. It really did.

These newly-released outtakes from the documentary House of Numbers shows how AIDS was marketed by the media during the 1980s and 1990s – and even how it is marketed today.

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