One Vaccine Story

July 27, 2011

Although advances in clean water, nutrition and sanitation rendered infectious disease statistically irrelevant by 1955, drug companies have continued to market toxic vaccine schedules, forcing informed parents to choose between the risk of crippling their children with vaccines or losing their careers and children to foster care.

As OMSJ reported here and here, pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines are currently being pushed even though the vaccine is more likely to cause significant injury or death than the actual disease it allegedly fights.

For example, pertussis  killed 17 Americans in 2000 – the same year that vaccines killed or seriously injured 14,153 Americans.   But despite these facts, television and print media that rely on millions of dollars in pharmaceutical advertising rarely report vaccine injuries.

This week, New Zealand station TVZN provided a rare glimpse of one of the world’s millions of victims of vaccine injury – a young girl who was unnecessarily crippled by a vaccination.

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