OMSJ Victories Raise HUMANITARIAN Complaints

January 12, 2012

12 Jan – Despite 25 years of criminal prosecutions against hundreds of factually-innocent men and women, US and UN officials – along with pharmaceutically-funded gay activists – are suddenly calling for the end of all HIV-related criminal prosecutions.  Their demands coincidentally began months after OMSJ began to expose HIV experts as incompetent in several prominent criminal trials.   This report explains why.


In his book Night, Elie Wiesel introduces the world to Moshe the Beadle, a clown-like waif who tells this unbelievable story:

“The train full of deportees had crossed the Hungarian frontier and on the Polish territory had been taken in charge by the Gestapo. There it had stopped. The Jews had to get out and climb into lorries. The lorries drove toward a forest. The Jews were made to get out. They were made to dig huge graves.  And when they had finished their work, the Gestapo began theirs.  Without passion, without haste, they slaughtered their prisoners. Each one had to go up to the hole and present his neck. Babies were thrown into the air and the machine gunners used them as targets.  This was in the forest of Galicia, near Kolomaye. How had Moshe the Beadle escaped? Miraculously.  He was wounded in the leg and taken for dead.”

In the Jewish ghetto of Sighet, no one believed him:

“What an imagination he has!… Poor fellow.  He’s gone mad.”

Through Moshe the Beadle, Wiesel reminds us that evil is perpetuated by apathy, a lack of resistance, and by ignoring reports of evil.  The author and character bear witness to prevent anything like the Holocaust from happening again – a notion as unrealistic today as it was in 1941.

Aside from America’s collective handwringing, medical crimes that occur in places like Guatemala, Tuskegee, Ireland and New York have simply moved to other exploitable populations.   By controlling the media and academia – and the legislative and executive branches of government – eugenicists have replaced cattle cars, gas chambers and incinerators with a “social marketing” approach that pays celebrities like Magic Johnson and Bono to convince targeted groups that they are sick and need deadly toxins to survive.


Shortly after the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) invented the myth of heterosexual AIDS, doctors convinced Jeanne White-Ginder that her son was sick and needed AZT – a drug that then-HHS Secretary Otis Bowen MD warned “is very toxic and destroys blood cells and organs.”  Weeks later, NIH virologist Samuel Broder declared that AZT “reduces the occurrence of life-threatening opportunistic infections,” without disclosing that he expected to make millions of dollars in profits from what he hoped would be his AZT patent.   After weeks of pressure from gay activists, the White House relented

When she began to administer the mutagenic toxin to her son, Ryan White became an instant celebrity who, among other perks, enjoyed sleepovers with Michael Jackson before succumbing to the effects of AZT in 1990.

After initial attempts to enlist drug addicts to “educate Americans about HIV” failed during the 1980s, the idea that gay drug addicts might succeed was suggested in 1992.

Two years later, Sean Strub created POZ Magazine, one of several publications that continue to target homosexuals, Latinos and blacks with pharmaceutical propaganda.  While the drug industry poured millions of advertising dollars into POZ, skeptical magazines like the Native, Christopher Street and Theater Week quickly collapsed.  As a result, department stores, fashion designers, restaurants, celebrities and politicians found it easier to promote the scam than question it, forging an Iron Triangle between the Industry, Congress and activists who attack skeptics as homophobes and racists.

For example, POZ published a story in 1995 about a dying AIDS-infected baby who fully recovered from AIDS after her parents stopped her AZT (see video).  When a congressman demanded an explanation from AIDS scientists, a barrage of political attacks forced his silence and the dismissal of a senior aid.  With the careers and reputations of international celebrities, politicians, scientists and medical experts at stake, the congressman’s claim that the federal AIDS effort “will be seen as the greatest scandal in American history” was too intemperate.  It is one thing for the US Government to admit crimes committed decades after the criminals and victims have disappeared, but quite another to expose them during their commission.

In a related story, POZ publisher Strub wrote, “If our activism is based on a falsity, it won’t work in the long run.”

While Strub’s falsity hasn’t worked for thousands of victims who died believing his propaganda, it continues to work well for HIV clinics and POZ advertisers, like drug-maker Astra Zeneca, which paid $520 million fines for illegally marketing toxic drugs that generated annual revenues of $4 billion.  When you extrapolate these numbers with the $12 billion that drug companies have paid (since 2004) to settle thousands of criminal complaints related to the illegal marketing of deadly drugs that kill or injure more than a million Americans annually, the profits are staggering. 

In 1977, researchers at the U. Penn Wharton School reported how drug company profits are calculated by the number of patients that executives are willing to injure and kill.  But because Congress indemnifies vaccine manufacturers and prosecutors won’t send drug CEOs to jail, it’s easy to see why the overwhelming majority would keep the deadly drugs on the market AND pressure the FDA to keep them there.  Funded by industry lobbyists, legislators, prosecutors and regulators routinely allow CEOs to get away with murder.


Despite its successful defense of dozens of criminal HIV defendants, OMSJ paradoxically supports most criminal HIV laws as currently written.  Says OMSJ Director Clark Baker, “These criminal cases give us the only opportunity to cross-examine experts who have avoided questions since the 1980s.”

Because the drug and healthcare industries control the legislative and executive branches of government (and parts of the judiciary i.e. vaccine courts), state criminal courts have become the last place where HIV clinicians and experts are forced to produce verifiable facts about the testing, diagnosis and treatment of HIV. 

As OMSJ described last summer, questions to state health departments and federal agencies like the HHS, CDC, NIH and NIAID are directed to social marketing firms like Edelman, AIR and Danya, which are paid millions to advertise and promote useless tests and toxic drugs and vaccines to an unwary public.  Perversely, disclaimers like this warn that “HHS is not responsible” for these off-site web pages and information.  Patients who are confused and unconvinced by the marketing shell game are advised to ask their personal physicians, who rely on these and other similarly unreliable marketing resources for information. 

These revelations, along with agency refusals to answer questions and FOIA requests, resulted in OMSJ’s own investigation that revealed substantial evidence of corruption related to HIV, AIDS, vaccines, chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome and other apparent pharmaceutical scams. 

Consequently, criminal HIV cases allow OMSJ to question prosecution-appointed medical experts in court where their incompetence, incoherence and breathtaking ignorance is carefully recorded in court transcripts and has resulted in the dismissal and plea-bargain in dozens of criminal HIV cases since 2009.  If not for the arrest of Tony Perkins, OMSJ could not have forced Indiana’s top HIV expert to admit how little she knows about HIV or AIDS.

OMSJ’s latest case was scheduled for trial this week in Davenport, Iowa.  Despite two HIV test reports, a credible victim and sixteen months to prepare, prosecutors dismissed all criminal charges when they failed to locate any experts from local, state or federal health department agencies to testify before OMSJ’s assigned counsel.  If not for OMSJ’s involvement, the defendant faced a 25-year prison sentence – not unlike the 2009 conviction that occurred weeks before OMSJ was incorporated.

After receiving billions of dollars from taxpayers to fight a 30-year-old global pandemic that represents an existential threat to humanity, the fact that a 16-month search by prosecutors could not find a single expert only invites further suspicion and skepticism.

This is why the recent call to end the criminal prosecution of HIV-related criminal cases rings hollow.


Weeks after Donna Sweet MD testified against USAF Sergeant David Gutierrez last year, drug giant Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) presented her with a $2.93 million grant to help her “increase the HIV (marketing) workforce.”  BMS and Gilead Sciences are now accused of paying kickbacks to doctors who unnecessarily prescribed toxic drugs to healthy asymptomatic patients.  Although prosecutors produced no evidence that Gutierrez was ever sick or infected with HIV, Dr. Sweet prescribed Atripla to her healthy asymptomatic patient – a drug licensed and produced by BMS and Gilead.

According to label information, Atripla causes a constellation of debilitating and fatal complications that compromise immune function and cause liver and kidney failure.  More diabolical is it’s component Sustiva (Efavirenz) – a highly addictive psychotropic drug that produces AIDS-like symptoms when interrupted.  Although US sales of Sustiva ended shortly after ABC News recorded African children smoking it like crack cocaine, it continues to be marketed on the Internet and to developing countries.

Dr. Sweet operates and teaches at Wichita’s top HIV clinic and is the board chair of a pharmaceutically-funded HIV credentialing organization.  But after reviewing Sweet’s testimony and Gutierrez’ medical charts, Nancy Banks MD wrote of Sweet:

Throughout my years of medical practice, I have never heard of a physician who voluntarily testified against her own patient for prosecutors and defense, who relied upon those statements to convict…  Dr. Sweet’s testimony raises serious questions with regard not only her competence as a physician, but also of her professional integrity and duty to her patients.

Of Dr. Sweet’s testimony, Dr. Banks noted:

After alluding to some unknown credentials from unknown agencies as an HIV expert, Dr. Sweet claims that she saw her first HIV patient in 1983 and that she “had been lecturing and learning about (HIV) for a couple of years before then,” which represents the year after she received her medical license in 1980 and at least three years before doctors Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier claim to have discovered the virus in 1984. Based upon her testimony and evidence produced from this case, I am not surprised that “half of (her) practice died on a regular basis” or that “hundreds and hundreds (died)… over the years” since then.  This is consistent with reports that a million Americans are injured or killed annually by iatrogenic (doctor-caused) preventable errors and complications and adverse drug reactions (ADRs)

Despite the gross incompetence that destroyed Gutierrez’ reputation and military career, Kansas State’s malpractice caps prevent patients like him from recovering more than a few thousand dollars for his trouble.

OMSJ recently filed this legal brief on Gutierrez’ behalf.

Although Air Force defense attorneys decided not to accept OMSJ’s assistance in the Gutierrez case, all HIV-related criminal charges were dismissed later that year in an unrelated case after OMSJ successfully defended a US Marine who faced similar charges.

After OMSJ impeached a top military infectious disease expert, Marine Corps Capt. Eldon Beck wrote:

“Our success in challenging the HIV issues in our case is largely due to… members of… the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ). Without them, we would not have been able to effectively challenge the HIV testing, chain of custody, and alleged diagnosis of our client… (A)n HIV case is NOT a slam dunk for the government.   Get the right HIV experts on your team and you will probably be able to kill the case before trial.  If the government is reckless enough to go to trial, you will probably be able to get a strong win for your client.”


Beginning with the Obama Administration and United Nations in 2010 and members of Congress a year later, lobbyists and activists have suddenly decided that the prosecution of HIV-patients violates basic human rights and should stop immediately. 

Despite the 25 years of silence that followed the first AIDS arrest – a period punctuated by the criminal prosecution of hundreds of factually-innocent Americans – human rights only became an issue after OMSJ began to expose “HIV experts” as unapologetically corrupt or, at best, grossly incompetent.

OMSJ’s success exposes the 30-year hoax and threatens a wave of multistate class-action lawsuits against thousands of incompetent clinicians throughout the US; as well as the investors and advertisers who exploited the magic effect of criminal HIV cases to promote the sales and use of unreliable tests, devices and drugs that sent hundreds of factually-innocent men and women to prison – and thousands more to their early deaths. 

OMSJ is not the industry’s only critic.  Research giants like amfAR co-founder Joseph Sonnabend MD, Nobel Laureates Kary Mullis Ph.D. and Luc Montagnier MD and hundreds of other researchers and academics have asked questions that remain unanswered.

For this reason, industry-funded politicians and propagandists like POZ Magazine’s Sean Strub are now using the cynical pretext of “human rights” to attenuate the fallout as the AIDS scam becomes more apparent.

Under Strub’s direction, POZ pushed drugs like Retrovir (AZT), Combivir, Marinol, Epivir, Invirase, Viramune, Videx, and Crixivan, along with pharmaceutical hotlines, to millions of unsuspecting gay men who relied on the magazine to provide news on gay politics and HIV.  Strub promoted the systematic poisoning that took the lives of men, women and children like Arthur Ashe, Elizabeth Glazer and Ryan White.

Before 2009, gay activist groups like GLAAD, LAMBDA and ACTUP never questioned HIV-related criminal prosecutions. But when OMSJ began to question technologies like flow cytometry and doctors like Donna Sweet MD, activists got nervous.

Their latest effort consists of the new video, HIV Is Not A Crime (2011):

Produced by Strub and edited by Leo “Homochic” Herrera, the footage includes interviews with men and women who were mostly charged before OMSJ started the HIV Innocence Group.  The film carefully circumvents OMSJ’s success and the corruption and incompetence that permeates POZ Magazine’s drug-pushing advertisers.

In his blog, the film’s editor writes:

We are a generation of men who learned to harness technology at crucial stages of our sexual and emotional development to counteract the limitations of discretion & the homophobia of our environments… We learned to use these technologies to sharpen our sense of awareness into the most elegant of survival instincts, to disarm with wit and annihilate by observation.  This is a showcase this weapon’s responsibilities. We are the new breed of homosexual man and these are the fruits of our labor. (SIC)

Ironically, the documentary showcases several men and women that Strub helped to sacrifice to promote the HIV=AIDS scam.  And while the overwhelming majority of responsible gay men and women continue to thrive in mainstream America, the Faustian agreement between the predatory drug industry and the drug-addicted bare-backing sociopaths who created the disaster will eventually be looked upon by our progeny with the same curiosity that we expressed during history lessons of Pope Urban, Jim Crow and the Third Reich.  Like us, they will ask, “What were they thinking?”  Those of us who are still around will say, “I don’t know – but try to learn from our mistakes.”

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