New Film: The Science of Panic

May 18, 2011

In this newly-released documenary Laciencia del Panico (2011), filmmakers Isabel Otaduy Sömme and Patrizia Monzani allow allegedly “HIV-positive” (seropositive) people to explain – in their own words – why they refuse to take HIV medication and why they attribute their health to their refusal to take HIV drugs:

“I’ve had a positive diagnosis for 16 years now.  Two years ago, I discovered the truth about this horrifying scam.  And after 7 years of taking medication, I threw all my medicine in the trash.  And I never looked back.”  (former AIDS patient)

The film explains why clinics and health ministries around the world falsely report AIDS cases for political reasons:

“In early 2000 I was invited to a conference in India… They told us about a dispensary in the city of Nagpur where they treated AIDS patients: all men, all suffering end-stage tuberculosis who weighed 40 kilos (90 pounds) at most.  It was a tragic sight.   And because they were all seropositive, they wanted to give them AZT. 

“That same afternoon, we were escorted to Delhi for a reception put on by the Indian Ministry of Health.  There I had the chance to talk with the second-in-command at the Ministry of Health.  I told him about our visit to the dispensary and expressed how shocked I was.  And he told me, “Doctor, I understand, but you have to understand us too:  If we told the World Health Organization  in Geneva that there were 10,000 cases of tuberculosis in Nagpur, they’ll tell us that’s nothing new.  But if we tell them there are 10,000 cases of AIDS, they’ll send us millions of dollars.” (1:00:47 – Etienne de Harven, MD, Professor Emeritus (Pathology), University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)


Like House of Numbers (2009), this new documentary corroborates a growing body of evidence that the phenomena marketed as “acquired immune-deficiency syndrome” (AIDS) since 1984 is  – and always has been – a medical and scientific fraud; and that, after almost 30 years and billions of dollars of research, the politics of AIDS enriches those who promote the disease at the expense of people who are told they will die unless they consume costly and toxic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).  At the very least, this film explains how pharmaceutical shills, hospitals, doctors, universities, clinics and activists profit by enforcing the AIDS orthodoxy.

For more about the film (in Spanish and English), visit

Laciencia del Panico  (also distributed as The Science of Panic) is an independent documentary by Isabel Otaduy Sömme and Patrizia Monzani with Arantxa Martinez 80 minutes, 2011 (Translation from original Spanish). 

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