NATURE Bends Over for Pharma-funded Activists

January 9, 2012

Last week, the journal Nature posted a story by Zoë Corbyn about the publication of this report by cancer researcher Peter Duesberg Ph.D., which refutes the HIV-AIDS link.  But when gay political activists complained, assistant news editor Brian Owens changed the title and link.  And when readers like Christian Fiala MD, Prof. Charles Geshekter Ph.D. and Clark Baker responded, Nature’s censors deleted the comments – allegedly in accordance with (Nature’s) terms and conditions.

In 2010, the same activists sent complaints to UC Berkeley after Duesberg filed his original report.   After two independent investigations were conducted by OMSJ and UC Berkeley, Duesberg was cleared of wrongdoing.  Months later, activists attacked Nancy Banks MD as a bigot after her award-winning book AIDS, Opium Diamonds & Empire (2009) connected the well-documented self-destructive behavior of promiscuous gay methamphetamine addicts to their compromised immune systems.  

The strategy of using scientifically-unqualified pharmaceutically-funded gay activists has been used since 1992 (more here).  In 2006, Daniel Kuritzkes MD and John Moore Ph.D. explained the strategy at the  Kaiser Foundation’s HIV Science and Responsible Journalism International AIDS Conference, urging reporters to censor so-called denialists.  Neither disclosed the funding they generate for drug companies and universities that promote AIDS propaganda.

To appreciate Nature‘s censorship decision, all of the unedited comments are saved at this link.  Hyperlinks to Clark Baker’s posts are saved here.  The latest version of Nature‘s post is linked here. 

Readers can direct their complaints to: 

  • Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief,
  • Nick Campbell, Managing Editor,
  • Ritu Dhand, Chief Biological Sciences Editor,