Dr Andrew Maniotis on Epidemics, Vaccine-caused Disease

January 16, 2013

15 Jan – As vaccine-induced diseases and injuries continue to rise, including the vaccine induced paralysis from the polio vaccine in India and Nigeria, the FDA, CDC, WHO and pharmaceutical companies push forward to force the vaccination of everyone with toxic concoctions.  In this recent interview, Andrew Maniotis PhD answers the following questions:

  • What is the real intent of the Gardasil vaccine as MERCK has admitted they never made any real connection to HPV and cervical cancer?
  • Why are we vaccinating new-born babies who have no immune system protection, being administered the Hep B vaccine within hours of birth? And now they are pushing using nasal mist flu sprays on them when they are only two weeks old?
  • Could it be possible that the so-called vaccination for herd immunity is actually a slow genocide?

While many vaccine advocates have become hysterical over the idea that anyone would object to vaccinations or their efficacy, they never seem to be able to explain why the rate of vaccine injured babies and young children is at an epidemic level in the United States.  These advocates seem not able to differentiate between efficacy and efficiency or why that should concern them.


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