Billions wasted on H1N1 vaccines

February 3, 2010

As reports of adverse reactions from the H1N1 vaccine, pour in from all over the world, it is now thought that an illness which is little more than a cold, has been deliberately blown up out of all proportions by the pharmaceutical industries to make money. Large numbers of people all over the world have been vaccinated for what some say is a ‘non existent pandemic’ for the sole purpose of profit.

by Christina England
American Chronicle

Paul Flyn, Vice Chairman, Council of Europe Health Authority said in news report H1N1 ‘false pandemic ‘ biggest pharma fraud of the century? that ‘the world has been subjected to a stunt, for the own greedy interests of the pharmaceutical companies’. He feels that this has caused mass panic and the stocking up of a vast quantities of needless vaccines. It is now believed that the drug companies have deliberately mislead Governments to the seriousness of Swine flu, to make them stock pile vaccines, this has caused them to buy billions of dollars worth of vaccines from pharmaceutical companies including Baxter, Glaxo Smith Kline and Sanofi Pasteur. Some drugs companies included a clause in their contracts where Governments could get out of buying the drugs if they were no longer needed, however GSK did not. No surprise there then.

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The vaccines it seems are turning out to more of a hazard, than the swine flu itself. This week a report came in from Bankok Post of five pregnant women having adverse reactions to the vaccine. These ranged from a lung infection and swelling, to a miscarriage, although the drugs companies deny it was the vaccine and their Ministry of Health is still insisting that all ‘at risk’ groups must still be vaccinated. Although quite what from, seems to remain a mystery.

Elsewhere in China, a student, a thirteen year old girl, caught meningitis after her vaccine. ‘The health department in south China’s city of Guangzhou found that the injection of A/H1N1 flu vaccine may have led to a student catching meningitis.’ as reported in Student Suffered Meningitis After A/H1N1 Vaccination – CRE In fact elsewhere it has been reported that China have so many vaccines they do not know what to do with them.

Cambridge UK, however,have discovered exactly what to do with the huge numbers of left over vaccines. The report NHS sets out massive programme of swine flu vaccination for children in Cambridgeshire stated that Cambridge is going to vaccinate all children over six months and under 5 years of age. This is despite the fact that many have reported including The Pulse that the outbreak had ‘virtually concluded’.

And so the adverse reactions continue, as the Governments from around the world try to come up with new ideas of how to utilise the millions of spare vaccines that they rather foolishly bought (some may say) for what the drug companies called a so called ‘world killer’ of mass proportions and all in the aid of profit.

Student Danielle White, Worthing West Sussex, suffered a 9 hour nose bleed after just one shot of the H1N1 vaccine. She had the vaccine on Monday 20th December 2009 and within hours of having the vaccine, she began to feel ill.

Danielle told me in an interview:

“Not long after the vaccine I felt shivery, I had a temperature and was aching all over, I felt like s**t.”

Thinking she had caught a cold she went to bed early and tried to rest, however, she tossed and turned. She still felt ill,on Thursday evening, which was Christmas Eve and during the night she began to feel even worse and her nose began to bleed. No matter what Danielle did she could not stop her nose from bleeding. On Christmas Day after 9 hours of continual bleeding and feeling weak and tired, she felt so ill that she called a GP, who sent her immediately to the A & E department of the local hospital.

When asked, when she first became ill,by the hospital, Danielle explained that she was fine until she received the H1N1 vaccine, however, Danielle said that the hospital did not report this incident to the MHRA, instead the nurses said that they themselves had REFUSED the vaccine because of the side effects. Some comfort this was in her hour of need, Danielle was given antibiotics and sent on her way.

Danielle was shocked to later find out what was in the H1N1 vaccine. She said the vaccine had caused her Christmas to be completely ruined and it took her three weeks to start to recover from her ordeal. She said it may make her think twice about having another flu vaccine in the future.

Governments around the world appear to have egg on their faces with an overload of vaccines and few wishing to take them up on their kind offers. The drug companies on the other hand, are laughing all the way to the bank.