Grocery Manufacturers Association Releases Secret Donor List

October 18, 2013

(NATURAL NEWS) - As previously reported, the Grocery Manufacturers Association got caught red-handed violating Washington state fair election laws by running a money laundering slush fund designed to conceal the identities of food companies giving money to block I-522.
The CEO of the GMA, Pamela Bailey, reportedly told donors in an email that their identities would be hidden from the public, thereby shielding them from any public backlash even while their money would be used to try to buy the election and defeat GMO labeling (so that consumers would be left in the dark about what they’re buying).

money_launderingIn response to this, the Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson accused the GMA of violating state law, and the AG’s office asked a Superior Court to issue restraining order to force the GMA to comply with state election laws. (See related story at OMSJ-GMA.) Just one day after this scandal surfaced, the GMA apparently decided to stop violating the law and disclose the list of companies that funneled money into its secret slush fund. That list is published below. You can also find the list at

It goes without saying that all these companies are now subject to a lifetime boycott. The GMA itself has now destroyed its own credibility by engaging in mafia-style illegal activities that discredit itself as well as all its members. We have now entered an era where food companies will knowingly violate the law in their desperate attempt to block GMO labeling and hide genetically engineered ingredients in their toxic, disease-causing foods.


*Abbott Nutrition * Bimbo Bakeries USA * Bruce Foods Corp. * Bumble Bee Foods, LLC * Bunge North America, Inc.
*Bush Brothers & Co. * Campbell Soup Co. * Cargill Inc. * Clement Pappas & Co. Inc. * Clorox Co. (owner of Burt’s Bees) *The Coca-Cola Co. (owner of Odwalla) * ConAgra Foods * Dean Foods Co. (owner of Horizon milk) * Del Monte Foods Co.
*Flowers Foods, Inc. * General Mills, Inc. (owned of Larabar) * The Hershey Co. * Hillshire Brands  * Hormel Foods Corp.
*The J.M. Smucker Co. * Kellogg Co. (owner of Pop-Tarts) * Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc. * Land O’Lakes, Inc.
*McCormick & Co., Inc. * Mondelez Global, LLC. * Moody Dunbar, Inc. * Nestle USA, Inc. * Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
*PepsiCo, Inc. (owner of Naked Juice) * Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC. * Rich Products Corp. * Shearer’s Foods, Inc.
*Sunny Delight Beverages Co. * Welch Foods, Inc.

These are companies that actively participated in an illegal slush fund deception to try to buy the I-522 election by deceiving voters.  That the GMA would actively launch such a slush fund operation just proves that the conventional food industry in America has no ethics whatsoever and will actively pursue illegal activities in order to keep consumers ignorant and confused.

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