Documentary – The Emperor’s New Virus

September 21, 2011

Film maker Brent Leung digs into his hundreds of hours of footage from House of Numbers to bring you a never-before-aired documentary that unravels the Junk Science called HIV and AIDS.

Brent puts the camera on the question: What is HIV? Is it a real virus, or a handful of suppositions, bound together by ‘consensus’ agreement and greed?

The answer comes straight from the mouths of the scientists credited with the ‘discovery’ of HIV and their peers – Luc Montagnier, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Don Francis, Robert Gallo, Robin Weiss, Hans Gelderblomand David Baltimore.

These names are at the top of the ladder of AIDS theology –  Ph.D.’s and tenured researchers who’ve built careers out of ‘inventing the AIDS virus.’  (runtime 1:38)

The Perth Group provides additional comments and supporting documents here.

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