Court Trials Unnerve HIV Propagandists

April 17, 2010

It began in 2009 with Eneydi Torres.  Accused of exposing several men to HIV, Florida prosecutors threatened Torres with decades in prison unless she accepted their plea deal.  But when asked to prove the reliability of HIV testing, prosecutors abruptly reduced their offer of 15 years in state prison to five days of unsupervised probation.

Several months later, Magdalena Mays was arrested on similar charges.  But like the Torres case, prosecutors dropped their HIV-related complaint against her.

Timing is Everything

The cases of Torres and Mays worked out much differently than those of Willie Campbell and Philippe Padieu.  Accused of exposing others to “the virus that causes AIDS,” both received prison sentences that will keep them behind bars for life.  Two juries convicted the men not because prosecutors presented strong cases, but because their defense attorneys were too intimidated by the mountains of gibberish and activist pseudo-experts who parroted pharmaceutical junk science.  No one wants to admit that they don’t understand something – especially lawyers – so the attorneys of Campbell and Padieu let the activists talk and jurors decide.

Having released $7 billion to settle dozens of criminal and civil cases since 2004, the pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to corruption.  But when lies, murder and mayhem generates $25 billion in profits, spending $7 billion to pay off prosecutors and victims becomes just another business expense.  Nothing personal.

This is no different with HIV.  After allegedly discovering the HIV virus in 1984, one co-discoverer was later found guilty scientific misconduct, while the other now admits that the industry pushes tests and drugs because there is no profit in good nutrition or clean water.  And because infectious disease became statistically irrelevant in the US by 1955 (later Europe [2], Australia and South Africa [2]), scientists who were considering truck driving school decided that they needed something else to kill and injure millions of Americans annually.

Infectious disease became irrelevant in the United States by 1955. (JAMA, Armstrong et al)

Although rules of evidence are considered obsolete among HIV scientists, the pharmaceutical industry has not yet learned how to buy criminal lawyers.  After more than a decade of criminal prosecutions driven by scarlet letter hysteria, defense attorneys are starting to notice that something is amiss with AIDS.

Despite CDC “estimates” that millions of black and homosexual Americans are infected with HIV, few Americans can name anyone they personally know who is affected by the disease that former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala said would kill most of the US population by 2000.  Even in San Francisco’s notorious Castro District, HIV is only killing junkies and those who ingest HIV drugs that, among other things, compromise liver function, cause cancer and drive people to kill themselves or others.  Despite being identified as HIV+ 20 years ago, anomalies like Magic Johnson are alive and well, thanks to his refusal to take HIV drugs – and to companies that pay him to push testing and drugs within racially-targeted black communities.

(JAMA - Armstrong) Despite inflated CDC and WHO "estimates," HIV was little more than a pharmaceutical marketing scheme.

Although experts still haven’t explained how they find HIV in test or blood samples, pharmaceutically-drafted legislation criminalized the exposure of HIV to others.  For more than a decade, scarlet-lettered defendants were accused by the media before well-meaning juries condemned them to long prison sentences.

The HIV Innocence Project

GSK and Abbott Labs paid Magic Johnson nearly $100 million to push HIV tests and drugs in black communities.

Incorporated in 2009, the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice (OMSJ) has begun to examine the gibberish of junk HIV science.  Comprised of scientists, physicians, legal experts and investigators who cannot be bought by the pharmaceutical industry, OMSJ is now involved in more than 30 criminal and civil cases throughout the US and Canada.

Attorneys who expected to plea bargain their mostly black and homosexual clients (profiling is big in the AIDS industry) are beginning to see the gibberish for what it is.  Cases that involve Olympic athletes, sexual convicts and ordinary men are looking less certain as their attorneys take a closer look at HIV.

With the assistance and support of the HIV Innocence Project, defense attorneys have begun to force prosecutors to find experts willing to testify under penalty of perjury.  Forced to choose between perjury, impeachment, or an admission that their clinics have never detected a single HIV infection, thousands of US clinics and healthcare providers face a deluge of class-action lawsuits from patients who have suffered or died from pharmaceutical “scarlet letters” and the deadly HIV treatments that come with it.  Fingerpointing among clinicians and officials at the CDC, NIH and research universities and will eventually point to NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, whose agency currently directs questions to a pharmaceutically-funded South African blog.

Last week, one of its bloggers raised concerns regarding the scheduled trial of Darren Chiacchia:

“(T)hese kinds of cases perpetuate misconceptions about the virus and unfairly single out people who are infected.. Down the line, it stigmatizes everybody with H.I.V. because it makes them potential criminals,” said Jeanne Bergman.

Bergman should have considered that before selling her diplomas to the pharmaceutical industry.

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