Reporter Describes How AIDS Activists Muzzle News Media

December 12, 2008

This interview is for those who do not understand how the pharmaceutical industry muzzles stories about HIV and AIDS policy.

In what was to be her final podcast (Dec 2, 2008), Christine Maggiore and David Crowe interviewed retired KCBS and KNBC news reporter and host Bob Navarro.

In this short audio, Navarro describes how highly organized gay activists threatened the station with protests over a factual report about the alleged HIV epidemic.  Mr. Navarro also implicates former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop as having suppressed the story as well.  The threats resulted in the media killing the story.

These attacks were coordinated by the pharmaceutical industry through “filtering” organizations like and the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership (FAPP).  Although that listserver was closed down in 2009, this PDF shows how propaganda is disseminated and enforced by activists in May 2008.

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The audio was edited.  The complete unedited interview is found here.  Runtime is approximately 10 minutes and may take a few seconds to load and play.