• 9 Jan (KPFK Radio) – Gary Null interviews investigative reporter Celia Farber, UC Berkeley Prof. Peter Duesberg PhD, Christian Fiala MD and OMSJ Director Clark Baker for an HIV update.  Peter Duesberg PhD is professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California at Berkeley.  He was the first to isolate a cancer gene through his w (more…)

  • 15 Jan – As vaccine-induced diseases and injuries continue to rise, including the vaccine induced paralysis from the polio vaccine in India and Nigeria, the FDA, CDC, WHO and pharmaceutical companies push forward to force the vaccination of everyone with toxic concoctions.  In this recent interview, Andrew Maniotis PhD answers the following questions: (more…)

  • 1 Jan – Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, fell into a coma for seven days in 2008 after contracting meningitis.  During his illness Dr. Alexander says that the part of his brain which controls human thought and emotion “shut down” and that he then experienced “something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consc (more…)

  • “… if your HIV test is positive because you have a flu vaccine are you going to be arrested because you had sex with a partner?  That’s the absurdity of it.  But the doctors are not being informed of that and certainly the patients are not being informed of that.  (more…)

  • This interview is for those who do not understand how the pharmaceutical industry muzzles stories about HIV and AIDS policy.

    In what was to be her final podcast (Dec 2, 2008), Christine Maggiore and David Crowe interviewed retired KCBS and KNBC news reporter and host Bob Navarro. (more…)

    After successfully representing clients including Terry Hedgepeth, Washington DC Attorney Jonathan Dailey now represents Bobby Russell who, after receiving HIV drugs and treatment for almost eight years, learned that his doctors had diagnosed him with HIV.  Now, (more…)


    GM Salmon Rejected by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aldi and Other Retailers