• Would you buy a home loan from a Countrywide loan rep?  Would you invest your life savings with Bernie Madoff?  Would you ask Casey Anthony to babysit your children?  Probably not. (more…)

  • Since 2004, the pharmaceutical industry has paid $9 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure a million Americans EVERY YEAR from adverse drug reactions (ADRs).


  • 24 Dec – Between 1991-2010, there were 165 criminal and/or civil settlements by major pharmaceutical companies comprising of $19.8 billion in penalties.  Before 2000, qui tam lawsuits accounted for only 9% of settlements with the government.  But from 2001-2010, they comprised 67% of the billions in payouts. (more…)

  • 17 Dec – AHRP – In 2008, 6,485 trials were conducted off shore with almost no FDA oversight. Seventy-eight percent of all human test subjects were enrolled at foreign sites.  A disturbing report by the Inspector General of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, “Challenges to FDA’s Ability To Monitor and Inspect Foreign Clinical Trials,” issued in June, 2010, (more…)

  • By the time Melody Petersen gets around to interviewing Iowa’s state nosologist near the end of “Our Daily Meds,” the facts that she cites don’t even sound that grim. The nosologist’s job is to catalog Iowa’s deceased according to cause of death. He processes about 27,000 death certificates a year. And by his reckoning there were only five deaths caused by adverse reactions to prescription drugs in 2002. That low figure is jarringly out of whack with Ms. Petersen’s investigative reporting (more…)

    Nancy Turner Banks MD spent twenty-five years practicing general obstetrics and gynecology during which she was also the director of outpatient gynecology at The North General Hospital in Harlem, New York.  She served as an attending physician at North General, Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York, Columbia Presbyterian Medical (more…)


    GM Salmon Rejected by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aldi and Other Retailers