• Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    In the play Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, con-artist Lawrence Jameson has made a career out of tricking emotionally-vulnerable women out of their money. One day while riding a train near the French Riviera, Jameson watches as Freddy Benson clumsily charms a small prize from a woman he has flattered. Somewhat impressed, Jameson takes Freddy under his wing and (more…)

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  • HIV Defendant Prevails Over Pharma Propaganda

    When outspoken AIDS activists Martin Delany, Hank Wilson, Ferd Eggan, Belynda Dunn, Joe Carroccio, George Sanderson and Howard Jacobs died, their cohorts hardly mentioned that they all succumbed to drug-caused liver cancers. (more…)

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  • Requiem for a Loving Mother

    The autopsy, pathology, and the clinical data and observation… show clearly that Christine did not suffer from any AIDS indicator illness during the two years prior to her death or at the time of her death. The gross and microscopic examination of Christine lymphoid organs and bone marrow appeared normal. The growth of P. jiroveci observed in Christine’s lungs and other tissues resulted from her treatment with corticosteroids during the 9 days prior to her death (more…)

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  • Another Kind of AIDS Crisis

    Several months ago, Karri Stokely gave us a glimpse of what AIDS drugs to healthy people. The following people are not dying or aging from HIV – they’re dying from the drugs. See for yourself and decide. (more…)

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  • End to AIDS Nearer Than We Think?

    What begins as a guess–or, perhaps, not infrequently, as a downrightand deliberate lie–ends as a fact and is embalmed in the history books.”– H.L. Mencken (more…)

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  • Do HIV Drugs Cause AIDS?

    Last May, Clark Baker reported on the destructive and highly addictive effects on AZT and Sustiva. The subject of my report was Karri Stokely, a young mother who began treatment for AIDS in 1996 despite having no apparent symptoms of HIV or AIDS. The photos below show what the drugs did to her and how well she recovered AFTER SHE STOPPED THE DRUGS. (more…)

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  • HIV Innocence Project

    This page has changed – go to the HIV Innocence Project

    Contact OMSJ

    See how the “HIV Experts” explain HIV testing

    In their own words, see how AIDS drugs harm patients

    AIDS scientists explain the marketing of AIDS:

    AIDS discoverer and Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier explains that AIDS drugs are pushed because the pharmaceutical industry cannot profit from selling nutritious food or clean water:

    House of Numbers – The Documentary:



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  • HIV & Africa: Connecting the Dots

    As readers may know, the embarrassing revelations of my ongoing investigation into HIV/AIDS is now generating outrage from these South African gay activist groups and their sympathizers at ASRU, ITPC, Project Inform, TAG and universities like Syracuse, Cape Town, Johns Hopkins, Weill, Yale and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. (more…)

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  • NIH “Believes” HIV Causes AIDS

    When the gay activists at AIDSTruth attacked me for exposing alleged HIV co-discoverer Robert Gallo MD as a fraud and the AIDS drug Sustiva (Efavirenz) as a highly addictive hypnotic drug that produces AIDS-like symptoms when stopped (more…)

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  • BIIDS: Behavioural Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    Johnson Tagarisa grew up during the 1970s when his cousins, brothers and uncles worked in the mines of South Africa.  Upon return to their native Zimbabwe, they spoke often of their experiences.  By the time that people were starting to “die from AIDS in South Africa,” Johnson was old enough and educated enough to connect the dots.  Even when his stepbrother died in 1993, Johnson argued with the doctor that he had died of syphilis because he had (more…)

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OMSJ Demands Editors to Depublish Gallo's Reports