• Is the NY Times a Pharma/Chemical Tabloid?

    The NY Times is one of the main standard bearers for journalism.  ABC’s Nicholas Regush told me that journalists look to the NY Times for what issues are safe to write about and what attitudes they can safely assume, and attributed that routine to “laziness”.  (more…)

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  • Five False Predictions of the AIDS Establishment

    Investigative reporter Liam Scheff reminds America of the pharmaceutical industry’s dire predictions about HIV and AIDS that never happened. (more…)

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  • Does AIDS Cause HIV?

    How we’ve gotten AIDS wrong for 25 years, and how to fix it…

    Those ‘in the know,’ who read and scour and search the medical literature on AIDS and HIV testing, are well aware that neither of these belief systems works according to their promised plan. Here’s how it was (more…)

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  • Believing Witnesses or Felons?

    Recently, investigative journalist John Lauritsen posted this report regarding the so-called AIDS controversy.  in response, Andrew John posted this analysis of the dispute. (more…)

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  • In Defense of AIDS Critics

    Profits of the “AIDS industry” run into many billions of dollars every year. When AIDS dissidents speak up, they are ridiculed with often ad hominem arguments. Here, the AIDS dissident John Lauritsen looks at one piece of ridicule in particular, and questions why he was not allowed to write a reasoned reply in a British humanist publication. (more…)

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  • NAMI Reveals Pharma Funding

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) until recently was reluctant to reveal the source of its funding. But thanks to Sen. Grassley we now can learn NAMI’s sources for Major Foundation and Corporate Support, which you can find here.  I downloaded the list of “funders” for 2009. Fortunately, unlike pharmaceutical companies who have revealed monies paid to (more…)

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  • Astronomy’s Dark Secret

    Is NASA pouring taxpayer money down black holes? How pseudo-science has infected the the biggest projects in astrophysics. (more…)

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  • HIV Drugs Make You Sick and Can Kill You

    In 1998, Edmond McNack, a Missouri Sheriff’s Deputy, was bitten by a prisoner he was transporting. Both he and the prisoner were given HIV tests; both tested negative. It was determined that for safety’s sake, Edmond should take a “prophylactic” course of AIDS drugs (AZT plus 3TC). He did so, and lost 40 pounds in eight weeks. A nurse intervened and told him that he had to quit the drugs to save his life. Listen to his testimony on the Robert Scott Bell show. (more…)

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  • The Potemkin Village of Essex and Chigwedere

    How do you tell that you are in a Potemkin village, where all hundred and forty-one houses are mere fronts, with the happy peasants out front really just actors driven in for the occasion? If you were one of the Czar’s courtiers and he was driving you through in his carriage it would seem quite rude to ask to get down and look inside one of the houses, wouldn’t it?  But if (more…)

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  • Soon We Will All Be AIDS Patients

    Nationalized Health Care - mandatory and without option of refusal – sits on our doorstep. It knocks, and for our sake, the President and lady speaker have saved us from answering the door. It will enter, with or without our consent. How will you benefit from socialized medicine? (more…)

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