Henry H. Bauer

  • Based upon this recent report published by the Journal of  the American Physicians and Surgeons, it is now clear that HIV tests do not detect HIV and why prosecutors reduced their plea offer for Eneydi Torres from 15 years in state prison to five days on unsupervised probation. (more…)

  • A correspondent who shares my interests in cosmology and in the suppression of novel ideas alerted me to the manner in which Wikipedia has been censoring and denigrating suggestions about the influence of electromagnetic forces on large-scale phenomena in the universe: see “Wikipedia Woes — Pending crisis as editors leave in droves” (by Dave Smith, 2009/12/26).  (more…)

    2 Dec – There’s more than one way to approach this task, so popular folklore would have it. The experience of three decades teaches that a direct assault within the mainstream-controlled venues does not bring attention to the evidence. Moreover, the most important audience (more…)


    GM Salmon Rejected by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aldi and Other Retailers