Why are Drug Companies Nervous about OMSJ?

October 16, 2010

OMSJ recently received this note from a criminal HIV defendant we are currently assisting:

I talked with my attorney the other day and he told me that another outfit had contacted him about my case.  This outfit is called The Center for HIV Laws and Policy.  I didn’t contact them and wanted to advise you to see if you think they are on the up and up.

Since OMSJ began to assist criminal HIV defendants in 2009, agencies that once pushed for stiff penalties against allegedly HIV-infected people are suddenly reaching out to them under the pretext of human rights – including the Obama Administration.

The fact that the Center for HIV Law & Policy is supported by corporations and agencies that cannot afford to expose HIV tests as unreliable speaks for itself.  If the tests are reliable, why are these entities concerned that OMSJ forces prosecutors to put HIV tests on trial?

A similar strategy is now being used in a lawsuit in Los Angeles, where two porn actresses are suing this HIV clinic for releasing their HIV test results – effectively shutting down LA’s multibillion dollar porn industry.  Instead of securing independent counsel, the plaintiffs are represented by attorneys from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which is also comprised of pharmaceutically-funded  agencies that market HIV testing and treatment.  By controlling both sides of the lawsuit, the drug industry avoids the embarrassment of being forced to prove that the plaintiffs were properly diagnosed in the first place.

Their problem is simple:

  1. Although HIV test manufacturers admit that their tests are unreliable, they pay well-intentioned people millions of dollars to push tests and drugs in black communities to convince healthy teens to take drugs that kill.
  2. If tests are unreliable, how do doctors competently diagnose HIV infections?
  3. Do incompetent diagnoses explain why infection estimates conflict with real numbers?
  4. If no one can be properly diagnosed, how do clinics justify the suffering of millions of people who are unnecessarily injured or killed by adverse drug reactions caused by drugs like Sustiva?

Career investigators and prosecutors understand the phenomena of consciousness of guilt.  We understand that innocent people don’t bury bodies or hide guns after killing someone.  If the drug industry and their proxies are not engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise, they would allow their “scientific discoveries” to speak for itself where rules of evidence still exist.  But because HIV science was designed to obfuscate, the HIV propagandists are terrified of being forced to explain themselves under penalties of perjury.

If you are an attorney or defendant being accused of HIV-related crimes, the drug industry is the last place you should seek help from.  But if they offer it, ask them to pay for your attorney and investigator to defend you – but don’t hold your breath.