The HIV Shell Game

June 21, 2009

Despite more than three decades as humanity’s greatest existential threat, questions directed to Health and Human Services (HHS) websites like the CDC and NIH are routinely answered by the same social marketing websites that the HHS disclaimers warn visitors are untrustworthy.

Try it yourself:  Visit any of these websites and click to the comments section.  Ask this question:

WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, WHY and WHO proved that 1) HIV attacks cells and 2) HIV causes AIDS?

Within a day or two, a social marketer from AIR, DANYA or EDELMAN will typically respond in an email like this, that contains a shell game of links and websites, all of which cross-reference back to each other’s websites but never answer the question asked.  There response is designed to fatigue and exhaust those who ask questions.  If you tell them that they never answered your question, they will refer you back to your physician, who relies on the same websites and information.