January 21, 2013

THANK YOU for responding to our ad.


Fasting Blood Test RequirementsOMSJ is involved in a study that tests the efficiency and reliability of various blood testing technologies.  Our tests require blood plasma, which we obtain from volunteers like you. OMSJ is not interested in your blood except as a medium and will not share what we find in your blood sample with others.  We’re using these samples as a media, not unlike the way manufacturers use water to test jet ski technologies.   We’re focused on the technology, not your blood.

The draw itself usually takes no more than a few minutes.  During that draw, a phlebotomist will obtain 20ml of blood from your arm, which is collected in four vials.  Once the draw is completed, we will be notified and will deposit $20 in your PayPal account.  If your first draw is good, we will likely call you back to provide more samples, possible two or three times a month for as long as the study continues.


Blood draws are scheduled in the morning between Monday-Wednesday.


Healthy candidates must remain on a FASTING DIET for at least TWELVE HOURS before the blood draw:  This means that candidates can only drink water twelve hours before the draw – NO CIGARETTES, CHEWING GUM, MEDICATIONS, DRUGS, VITAMINS, COFFEE, SODA, ETC., before the draw.  WATER ONLY.


To be announced.