Are TED Talks Now Against Alternative Health?

November 26, 2013

(WAKING TIMES) – In case you haven’t heard, it seems TED (recently criticized as joining Monsanto’s GMO agenda) no longer supports any talks regarding GMOs, food as medicine, or even the subject of how food can help prevent behavioral disorders in children.

images (11)In a recently written letter  (that can be found here), TEDx openly admits to banning any discussions on alternative means of healing. The declaration was published on December 7, 2012 and has received large criticism on both sides. In the letter, TED says that people who talk about GMOs are engaged in “pseudoscience.” Those who discuss the healing potential of foods are spreading the “health hoaxes”. That means individuals like Megan who healed herself from terminal Brain Cancer through diet change or these studies on Cannabis as a Cancer cure will most likely be ignored. The letter also advises TEDx organizers to, “reject bad science, pseudoscience and health hoaxes,” meaning anyone who talks about GMOs, “food as medicine”, or any other alternative health-related topics.

By outlawing talks on natural health, it seems the organization believes that food cannot be medicine and does not contain medicine. It’s as if the heavily backed and cited benefits of resveratrol, curcumin, phycocyanins, polyphenols, and ten thousand other chemicals created by plants that have medicinal function in the body have been completely ignored.

Let’s not forget, nearly 25% of all prescription medicines are in some way derived from plants, including statin drugs. Drug companies expend enormous resources searching the world for botanical treasures which can be altered and pirated from nature in order to become patentable as a drug. Therefore it should be common sense to conclude that foods, the initial providers of such substances, hold valuable qualities.

Even the World Resources Institute admits this; what’s more, it records that up to 80 percent of the world’s population still relies heavily on plant-based medicine.


From an outside perspective, it seems TED has fallen in line with certain organizations that are strongly in support of GMOs. Now, any speakers who might ask questions about genetically engineered foods are strictly forbidden by TED. It is unfortunate the range of topics will now be limited to subjects only deemed appropriate by the organization. If alternative health can no longer be shared on this platform, it seems TED is no longer the reputable source it once was.

According to the letter mentioned above, it’s also mentioned that anyone who questions the wisdom of genetic engineering food crops grown in open fields is a quack or hoaxer. It can be discerned, then, most of the readers stewing over this information are fumbling, conspiracy theorists. What does this also say about the 90% of the public in support of labeling GMOs? Obviously all against the genetic molestation of food are quacks.

In conclusion, for those seeking alternative modalities of healing or reputable information on natural health, be aware TED will no longer indulge in holistic remedies or talk ‘health’ outside of societal norms. Those seeking natural forms of health care will need to look elsewhere.