September 23, 2010

Sept 23 – Fla: – Have you ever found yourself taking a long, horrific, and unexpected journey through the bowels of hell?  Has it ever even occurred to you that you may end up being forced into taking this little trip through the world of modern medicine?

by Karri Stokely

Would you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that you would have to play a game, literally, with bargaining chips, to get a surgery that was rapidly becoming crucial to saving your life?

This is what I’ve been dealing with the past 2 weeks. The story is so long and horrifying, it would bring tears to the eyes of the strongest if I had the time to share every little detail.  I’m going to condense this into a nutshell, because so many people have asked and expressed the help and concern.

I tested “positive” on a non-specific antibody test called the “HIV” test back in 1996. (You may read my story in full, or listen to radio podcasts for the entire background here.   Although I was not in a considered “risk group”, I believed in doctors, medicine, and tests.  I believed what they told me.  I willingly submitted to taking very toxic anti-retroviral drugs for 11 years, believing the entire time that I was infected with a deadly, killer virus.  Every single day, from June 1996-April 2007, I swallowed AZT, 3TC, Crixivan and then Sustiva.

After immense research into the genocidal world of HIV/AIDS, I quit all of these drugs in April 2007.  Since then, I have been on a journey trying to rebuild and repair the damage done by the black-box, nucleoside analogue, cell killing poisons. 

Overall, I have felt fairly well the past 3 1/2 years since quitting these drugs.  I lead a very active life. I jog. I am raising two teenagers. I’m involved in a number of different things that keep me busy. My husband and I will have our 20th wedding anniversary on Oct. 6th. 

I am the AIDS establishment’s worst nightmare.

The biggest problem that I’ve been struggling with since quitting these drugs is a large amount of damage to the gastrointestinal tract. I do not digest food well. I don’t have much stomach acid. There is no peristalsis left in the colon. The colon appears almost “dead”. And when I do move my bowels, it’s all diarrhea. In the past 2 years, I’ve been dealing with an anal fissure, produced by struggling and immobility.  All of this is a direct result of drug damage from the “life-saving” ARV’s. 

About 6 weeks ago, I began to run fevers and had increased and constant rectal pain.  After 2 weeks, I went to see a colo-rectal surgeon who immediately took me up to surgery that day.  He found a large rectal ulcer, about 1 x 1 inches, sitting near the sphincter.   It is eating it’s way through the colon wall and into the vagina.  Once the wall is breached, there will be cross-contamination and a recto-vaginal fistula is formed.

Side note: I had a recto-vaginal fistula in 1992 due to a botched episiotomy after delivery of my first child. So this is already a “weak” area.  The surgeon drained and debrided the wound and took biopsies.  His plan was to go back in over the next couple of months and do 2 or 3 more surgeries to lay skin grafts to repair the hole. 

Three weeks after this initial surgery, I was still running low grade fever and experiencing pain.  I was admitted to the hospital for I.V. antibiotics.   Due to conflicting pathology reports, we are having the samples sent to an indepentant lab for review.  One sample found CMV in the wound and other samples were negative for all virus and bacteria. There is no evidence (from the blood cultures) of CMV, or anything else, anywhere in the body or blood.

I allowed them to run I.V. gancyclovir for 3 days while in the hospital. While on this BLACK BOX drug, I experienced exploding headaches, nausea, and vomiting, and an increase in liver enzymes.  They blamed all of that on “HIV” and CMV. I had them discontinue the drug, against their “better advisement” to me. I immediately felt better. 

Due to my low CD4 count, which was always low while 11 years on the drugs, the surgeon then refused to go back in and do any more surgery.  UNLESS…….I submit to taking the BLACK BOX ARV’s that almost killed me the first time around.  He, and no less than 7 other surgeons (and I.D. doctors) attempted to blackmail me into taking these drugs. Every surgeon I saw told me that they would not operate UNLESS I take ARV’s.

These doctors looked me right in the face and told me that I was “on my last legs”, would “never lived to see my daughter get married”, and would be “dead any time now”.  We have even had other consults this week since being out of the hospital.  One doctor who refused to help told me that eventually the wound would perforate and I would bleed to death.

Thank you very much.

Up until just a few months ago, I was still incredibly active.   My (major) problem now is that I have an open wound, a hole, in the colon that will only get worse and cannot find one ethical surgeon ANYWHERE (so far) to step up to the plate and help repair this issue.  Although these doctors continue to tell me how immune suppressed I am, based on just a CD4 count, all of my other lab work is pretty good.  It does not indicate a non-working immune system.  Not to mention, I do not get sick with anything. 

At the moment, I am feeling okay, other than the pain. I am home. I am up and moving a lot. We are pursuing many options daily. So far though, we have not found ONE surgeon willing to do the right thing and fix a legitimate surgical problem. 

So, I thank you all for your concerns and prayers. Our search continues.  I am alive and well (for the most part) but the situation will continue to worsen and could get desperate quickly if all help is refused. 

My advice: stay far away from the overwhelming evil of the AIDS Mafia and consider very strongly before ever taking ARV’s. The bullshit, the blackmail and the terrorism involved in this genocidal scandal of the century is unlike anything I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams.