Sin Hang Lee MD: Why Ethics Don’t Pay

October 5, 2011

4 Oct 2011 – SANE Vax Inc. was organized to provide medical consumers with all of the information they need to make informed choices about vaccines, HPV vaccines in particular.  Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Director of Milford Medical Laboratory Inc. has been instrumental in SANE Vax” efforts to raise consumer awareness regarding safe and effective cervical cancer prevention and the scientific facts in relation to the international HPV vaccine controversy.

By Norma Erickson, President

Sin Hang Lee MD

Because of studies submitted to the FDA prior to approval of HPV vaccines indicating there was a substantial increase in pre-cancerous lesions for those who had already been exposed to vaccine-relevant genotypes of HPV before they were injected with Gardasil® or Cervarix®, Dr. Lee agreed to offer his cutting edge technology HPV genotyping test to medical consumers throughout the United States to protect those who were considering HPV vaccination so they could avoid that potential risk. The decision was announced to the public via a BusinessWire Press Release on 20 September 2010.

In the fall of 2010, without Dr. Lee’s knowledge or having an opportunity to defend himself, the newly appointed Chairperson of the Pathology Department at Milford Hospital informed the hospital’s credentialing committee that she was not recommending for approval or supporting Dr. Lee’s application for renewal of his medical staff privileges.  For those who do not know, medical staff privileges at a hospital are a major asset to a medical doctor and they establish the relationship that permits among other things, the doctor to practice at a particular hospital.  When medical staff privileges at a hospital are revoked or not renewed, the doctor no longer has permission to practice at the hospital or use its facilities.  The non-renewal of the medical staff privileges, may also adversely affect the doctor’s license to practice medicine. In Dr. Lee’s case, the non-renewal of his medical staff privileges at Milford Hospital is under appeal.

Although Dr. Lee still maintains his medical staff privileges during the appeal, his position as director of the laboratory was summarily terminated along with his employment relationship at Milford Hospital on December 13, 2010 and he has been prevented from using the hospital’s laboratory to continue  his testing and research there ever since that time.  A lawsuit addressing the wrongful termination claim has been brought against the Milford Hospital.

While the hospital-based appeal hearings and the lawsuit are pending, Dr. Lee’s research and testing and the operation of his world class, CLIA certified molecular diagnostic laboratory at the Milford Hospital have all been significantly hindered and obstructed.  Dozens of opportunities for Dr. Lee to test Gardasil samples for contaminants have been lost as the hospital has redirected and/or returned vaccine lots sent to and intended for Dr. Lee back to the senders or other locations.  Dr. Lee and his attorneys are pursuing all available legal remedies to restore the testing laboratory as soon as possible in order to protect the public health, safety and well being.

In addition to his efforts to make sure those who choose to use HPV vaccines are able to protect themselves from a potential increased risk of pre-cancerous lesions due to prior exposure to vaccine-relevant HPV, Dr. Lee also allowed SANE Vax Inc. to offer his HPV DNA sequencing technology to those unfortunate enough to have experienced abnormal pap tests after HPV vaccination. SANE Vax Inc. believes these medical consumers have a right to know what genotypes of HPV are associated with their abnormal cells. If they are vaccine-relevant genotypes, the vaccine did not work for them. If they are not vaccine-relevant genotypes, perhaps the manufacturer targeted the wrong genotypes for their geographic area. Either way, medical consumers have a right to know.

Through the donation of his laboratory facilities, time and effort, Dr. Lee was able to confirm the contamination of Gardasil® with recombinant HPV DNA firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant contained in the vaccine. This is a man who has dedicated his life to what is best for the medical consumer, no matter what the cost to himself personally.

It is the belief of the SANE Vax team that Dr. Lee has come under fire because of his association with and support for the SANE Vax mission. Therefore, the SANE Vax Board of Directors is beginning a campaign to let those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate know that we, along with medical consumers around the world, support Dr. Lee.

If you wish to join us to show your support for Dr. Lee and his ability to continue his much needed research, please take a few minutes to send the following three emails to the authorities in charge of determining Dr. Lee’s fate:

  • Dr. Joe Pellacia, President and CEO, Milford Medical Hospital
  • Commissioner Jewel Mullen, Connecticut Department of Public Health
  • Mr. George Jepsen, Attorney General State of Connecticut

All you need do is copy the linked emails into a new email, add an introductory sentence if you wish, and type your name and state/country after the signature line.

Without the information provided by Dr. Lee and his ongoing research, we feel medical consumers around the world will be deprived of information that is vital to their ability to exercise their right to informed consent when it comes to HPV vaccinations.

Please, take a few minutes and show those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate that you support his efforts to do what is best for medical consumers.