If Chris Turney’s warmists had stayed on their ship they wouldn’t still be at sea

January 16, 2014

(HERALD SUN BLOGS) Warmist Professor Chris Turney is glad that his Russian ship has freed itself from the ice and is finally back in New Zealand.

by Andrew Bolt

Small problem, though. Turney, his warmist scientists and their paying guests aren’t on it any more:

Chris Turney @ProfChrisTurney
Fantastic to hear Shokalskiy arrived in Bluff, NZ. Fabulous to hear all well. Wish we were there!

You see, Turney and the other 51 passengers were rescued at enormous expense from the then ice-bound Shokalskiy and transferred to the Aurora Australis nearly two weeks ago. Their new ship still had other duties to perform for more serious Antarctic researchers, so Turney and his fellow warmists are stuck on board for at least another week before the Aurrora Australis returns to Tasmania.

Here is the new irony – to follow the one about see warmists being trapped by ice they still claim is melting away. It is that Turney and his team would be back on shore already had they not asked for “rescue” by the Australian icebreaker.

Their original plan was to have been home 10 days ago:

After nine days in the area we will return to New Zealand via the subantarctic islands, arriving on the 4th January…

And, of course, there is still the question of who pays for the rescue.


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