Prosecutors Seek Credible HIV Experts

In three unrelated cases this year, prosecutors charged Daniel Rick, USAF Sergeant David Gutierrez and a US Marine with having unlawfully exposed sexual partners to HIV.   If convicted, each faced potential life sentences.  In each case, OMSJ reviewed the medical evidence and established that incompetent clinicians had misdiagnosed the alleged infections in each defendant.  But when OMSJ offered pro bono investigative, legal, medical and scientific experts to assist the accused at trial, defense attorneys for Rick and Gutierrez declined.  Only the Marine Corps attorneys welcomed OMSJ’s assistance.

As a result, Gutierrez and Rick were convicted to lengthy prison sentences, while OMSJ’s team convinced the Marine Corps to withdraw all charges against the Marine.

Since 1987, prosecutors throughout the United States have sent hundreds of factually-innocent men and woman to prison for allegedly spreading HIV to unwary sexual partners and their offspring.  Last year, the Obama Administration abruptly asked state prosecutors to discontinue HIV-related criminal prosecutions in their jurisdictions.  Last month, members of Congress joined the Administration’s request.

While these pharmaceutically-funded politicians insist that their requests were made for humanitarian reasons – i.e., “people should not be criminally-charged for acquiring deadly diseases” – their compassion didn’t materialize until filmmaker Brent Leung and OMSJ began to expose “HIV experts” as incompetent pseudoscientists in 2009.

For 25 years, politicians ignored the widespread corruption as lobbyists and marketing executives spread the pharmaceutical industry’s vast wealth and misinformation to doctors who kill or injure more than a million American men, women and children annually.  OMSJ’s routine impeachment of these doctors not only acquitted the accused, but also directs unwanted attention toward “HIV experts” like NIAID Director Anthony Fauci MD.  Thanks to the hysteria-borne diseases like the Bird Flu, SARS and HIV, the bloated agencies that comprise the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) command a proposed budget that is 6o percent LARGER than the entire $553 billion US Military budget.

Despite OMSJ’s involvement in more than fifty HIV-related criminal cases, only four “HIV experts” have testified – all to their discredit.

OMSJ’s success has left “HIV experts” recoiling like vampires in church.

Pharmaceutical Attack Dogs

Life as an “HIV expert” wasn’t always this hard.

Five months after Harper’s Magazine published Celia Farber’s two-year investigation of the “AIDS Industry” in 2006, “HIV experts” John P. Moore PhD and Daniel Kuritzkes MD addressed journalists at the 16th International AIDS Conference to discuss “responsible reporting” about HIV and AIDS.

After they described how smart and honest they were, they used the session to attack scientists, reporters and researchers who don’t accept bribes from drug companies.

Although Kuritzkes and Moore used their academic positions at Cornell and Harvard to establish their credibility, they failed to disclose the funding they receive from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), which is now the focus of another multi-state investigation involving kickbacks to corrupt doctors.

During the 1990s, Kuritzkes was involved in BMS’s development of the so-called “anti-retroviral” drug Sustiva.  Kuritzkes knew – or should have known – that the psychotropic drug that is so addictive that African children now smoke it like crack cocaine (video).  BMS licenses the drug to Gilead Sciences, which is also the subject of it’s own kickback scandal.

But rather than share this information, Moore told his audience that he created to disseminate “accurate information.”   Moore asked reporters to “expose the lies, twisted and perverse agendas (and) uncover the truth.” 

During the next five years, Moore and his associates used his South African blog to defame anyone they disagreed with.  Others  joined the attacks in 2008, including an expelled medical student and doctors who had engaged in identity theft, tax fraud, child molestation – and those who simply assaulted and killed patients.

In 2007, Moore wrote to one target:

“When you’re in a war, there are no rules… This IS a war, there ARE no rules, and we WILL crush you, one at a time, completely and utterly…”

Two years later – when filmmaker Brent Leung released the documentary House of Numbers that exposed the widespread incompetence and corruption of the world’s top HIV scientists – Moore wrote:

“Your friend Celia Farber learned what happens to the career of individuals in the communications media whose judgment of the facts is so poor that they promote AIDS denialism. Your future experiences will surely be similar to hers. You have, in effect, destroyed your career for nothing…”

(Farber has filed suit against three of Moore’s cohorts in the New York Supreme Court.)

As ProPublica reported, the drug industry has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to doctors like Moore and his associates who use their college diplomas to market drugs and defend an industry that has paid more than $9 billion (since 2004) to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure more than a million Americans annually.

Without the support of experts like Moore and Kuritzkes, Sustiva could not have generated revenues of $4 billion for BMS and Gilead in 2010.

Prosecutors Seek Competent “HIV Experts”

Although featured on dozens of blogs and quoted in dozens of news stories, experts like Moore and Kuritzkes are strangely mute when prosecutors need experts who can testify under oath and under penalty of perjury.

OMSJ is scheduled for trial in Aiken SC later this month.  Reliable sources indicate that the prosecutor won a conviction against another HIV defendant several years ago and plans to use the same experts who testified in that case.  Because of OMSJ’s involvement, prosecutors will surely require someone like Moore and Kuritzkes.

Then again, prosecutors should only request credible witnesses.

For more information about the credibility issues related to HIV, order the documentary House of Numbers( (2009).

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