Pharma-Funded Politicians Request End to HIV Prosecutions

October 7, 2011

The recent dismissal of criminal charges against Marine Corps Cpl. RL marks the 33rd win and second year of OMSJ’s undefeated record in the defense of falsely-accused HIV defendants.  Although pharmaceutically-funded politicians and activists have promoted the HIV hysteria and criminal prosecution since 1987, OMSJ’s success demonstrates that the criminal charges filed against people like Willie Campbell, Philippe Padieu, Christopher Gray, Nushawn Williams and Andre Parenzee were based upon meaningless HIV tests, ineffective trial counsel, and the testimony of clinicians and pharmaceutical shills whose livelihood depends upon the illegal marketing of deadly drugs and unnecessary (but highly profitable) medical care.

Decriminalizing HIV

Although factually-innocent men and woman have been falsely accused of being infected with HIV and spreading it to others for nearly 25 years, new calls by the Obama Administration and members of Congress to end criminal HIV prosecutions did not occur until after OMSJ’s winning streak began in 2009.

Although these pharmaceutically-funded politicians claim that the their efforts are humanitarian – i.e., “sick people should not be charged with crimes” – the fact that these ostensible humanitarians didn’t care until OMSJ began to expose their clinicians and other “HIV experts” is cynical, at best.  Sedated and lubricated by pharmaceutical lobbyists, these politicians  ignored the scam while HIV evangelists spread rampant misinformation, misdiagnosis, unnecessary treatment, injury and death to thousands of American families.  OMSJ’s easy impeachment of these HIV experts not only acquits the accused, but also serves as an indictment for government officials like NIAID Director Anthony Fauci MD and the bloated agencies that comprise the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  • When Nobel Laureate and HIV co-discoverer Luc Montagnier MD admitted that HIV can be cured with clean water and good nutrition within a few weeks without drugs and vaccines, HHS ignored him. 
  • When amfAR co-founder Joseph Sonnabend MD admitted that the heterosexual transmission of HIV was a marketing “scam and a fraud,” Congress and President Obama ignored him. 
  • When OMSJ asked HHS officials about these disparities, they were ignored. 
  • When OMSJ subpoenaed HHS officials, they were stonewalled. 
  • When OMSJ notified the US news media that relies of millions of dollars in pharmaceutical advertising, they were ignored.

But when OMSJ began to force HIV experts to testify about HIV under oath, government officials suddenly expressed “humanitarian concerns.”  Their transparently cynical effort is clearly not about sick patients – it is about OMSJ’s successful exposure of widespread corruption that permeates the entire US healthcare system – and the government agencies and officials that have profited from the HIV scam since 1981.

For thirty years, Americans have told the world that AIDS and HIV represents an existential threat to humanity.  Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted “researching” a pandemic that was expected to kill 20 percent of all American men by 1990 but few Americans have ever seen.  With this in mind, one would think that SOMEONE within the CDC  or NIH could competently testify about the testing, diagnosis and treatment of an allegedly infected patient.

Their silence speaks for itself.