ObamaCare Propaganda Targets the Gullible

November 12, 2013

(REASON) – Will Shitty Obamacare Ads Get Young People to Buy Insurance, or just increase the number of victims of side-splitting hoolarity?  As part of something called the “Thanks Obamacare campaign,” a bunch of folks at various grammatically challenged Colorado-based nonprofits have rolled out an ad campaign at doyougotinsurance.com.

by Nick Gillespie

Check out all the ads at the site, or just peruse these three lowlights.

Here’s one titled “Brosurance”:

Question: Is there a copay for butt-chugging accidents? I’m just asking for a friend.

Then there’s this one, which has already been dubbed Ho-surance by the wags on the Twitter:

More tips to save the $10 a month cost for oral contraceptives are online at Woman’s Health.

Finally, we don’t have to put away our machetes after clearing brush!

Go here to look at even more ads that will make you not only think twice about Obamacare but about the decision to let Colorado enter the union way back when. Among the gags are jokes about drinking (beer, shots), kid sports, Ryan Gosling (natch), kayaking, and so much more. About the only possible meme missing is a Richard Gere gerbil motif. But you gotta save something for the second round, right?

None of the ads explains why you should bother signing up for insurance before showing up at the hospital or the doctor’s office by the way.