My Flu and Cold Season Remedies

December 31, 2012

31 Dec – One of the blessings of being OMSJ’s CEO is my easy access to some of the world’s most knowledgeable and incorruptible clinicians and scientists.  Several years ago, one doctor interrupted a conversation to ask why I repeatedly cleared my throat.  I explained that it was “normal”; that I had suffered from asthma since childhood and that the fall and winter seasons always left me with a string of colds, the flu, and chronic congestion.  I listed the various drugs and inhalers that my doctor prescribed.

Have you tried glutathione?

“No – what’s that?”

She described it as the master antioxidant – a vital cell protectant that “quenches reactive hydroxyl free radicals.”  (More about glutathione and vitamin C are posted HERE and HERE.)

I didn’t know what that meant but, from her technical explanation, I gathered that it is naturally produced by the liver and that adults typically do not produce enough naturally to combat the toxins and pollutants that Americans are regularly exposed to.  Glutathione (GSH) binds with damaged blood cells to facilitate their removal.

Having grown up trusting doctors and drug companies, I was skeptical about something that none of my other doctors had ever mentioned.

“Try it for a month,” she said.  “If you see no difference, don’t take it.”

After visiting several websites, I purchased a one-month supply of Lipospheric GSH from Livon Labs and started taking it every morning.  To avoid the smell and consistency, I squeezed it into a cold glass of cranberry-grape juice that I quickly chugged on an empty stomach.

Within two weeks, my congestion had all but disappeared.   By the end of the month, I threw out my pills and inhalers forever.  Since then, I no longer suffer from congestion after hiking the hills around my home.  It changed my life.  I told my story to other asthma-sufferers who have reported similar “life-changing” results.

During my next annual check-up, my doctor asked if I needed refills for my Advair and Ventolin prescriptions.  When I told her the story she asked “What’s glutathione?”  When I explained she said, “You read too much.”

Now that cold season is upon us, many of my cold-suffering friends have asked me about what I do to stay healthy.  Rather than repeat everything to each one, I decided to write this post to save time.  This should not be taken as medical advice.  It’s nothing more than a post about the products I regularly use that work for me.   These products are not meant as an endorsement of specific products either.  If you find a brand or product that you prefer, use it.

  • Lypo-spheric-GSHa great supplemental source of glutathione.  I now substitute that with Acetyl Cysteine 600mg (NAC 600), alpha lipoic acid (ALA), selenium and vitamin D3 (2000 i.u.).  I take the NAC 600, D3, and (ALA) in the morning, along with other natural non-pharmaceutical supplements every morning.
  • Snore-No-More – As I got older, I noticed that my nostrils collapsed when I sleep on my side, causing me to snore and wake up.  I tried the nasal strips, but stopped after a few weeks of use after they started peeling my skin.  They’re also pricey.  Snore-No-More is a reusable device made of surgical wire that keeps my nose open at night.  It takes about a week to get used to but, now that I am, I can’t sleep without it.  I’ve used the same one for years, saving hundreds of dollars in nasal strips.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) – I use this daily in my water-pick and when I feel a tickle in my throat or nose.  DO NOT DRINK OR SPRAY INTO NOSE!  I dilute 35% food grade into a spray bottle containing ten parts distilled water and one part H2O2 and spray into the back of my throat and lungs while inhaling.  I follow these instructions, including Bill Munro’s video and the book Hydrogen Peroxide: Modern Miracle (2003).

Everyone catches the flu and colds and I still get them – although not as often.  When I come down with a serious cold or flu that settles into my lungs and sinuses, I visit the Angel Medical Center where I receive IV glutathione, Vitamin C, and other therapies that help me recover quickly.   I don’t get flu shots.  Other decisions I’ve made:

  • Maintain a high pH level.   Cancer and diseases thrive on a pH level below 7.0.  To protect yourself, maintain a diet rich in potassium, rubidium and cesium.  If your pH is below 7.0, one or two teaspoons of aluminum-free baking soda will bump it up.  pH strips help me watch my pH levels.
  • I cut BEEF, SUGAR, CARBS, STARCHES, and GLUTEN.  These substances invite cancer, tumors and heart disease.
  • I drink filtered water.  I’m a big guy and drink about a gallon of fresh water every day.  If you have trouble with uric acid, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water should do the trick.

That’s it.  Remember that nothing replaces a balanced diet, exercise and a lot of water.  Alcohol depletes glutathione levels too, so avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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