Princeton Set to use Student Body as Human Guinea Pigs

November 18, 2013

(NATURAL NEWS) – Princeton University is poised to move forward on a plan that would transform the entire student body into human guinea pigs for a campus-wide vaccine medical experiment. Responding to nothing more than a handful of students contracting mild meningitis (and then fully recovering), Princeton now wants to inject ALL students with a vaccine that isn’t even approved for use in the United States, thereby making it a vaccine experiment with unknown outcomes that must, by definition, include risk.

Meningitis is often spread through people sharing drinking cups, but like nearly all communicable diseases, it is easily conquered by a healthy immune system (which is, of course, supported by good nutrition). Even the small number of students who contracted meningitis at Princeton were able to conquer it without serious incident, and most college students live on processed junk food and atrocious diets!


imagesCARSQ5ZWPrinceton, much like every other academic institution across America, seems to have fallen for the corporate-engineered propaganda of the vaccine industry and its for-profit junk science which claims that every disease occurs solely because of a lack of a vaccine.  That’s why every time there’s even a tiny number of mild sicknesses, everybody who doesn’t know much about the reality of vaccines leaps to the fear-induced mania of “WE ALL NEED MORE VACCINES!”

The vaccine industry and CDC, of course, propel the fear mongering as a way to drive more business to vaccine manufacturers. That’s why vaccine companies have actually been caught producing fraudulent science and spiking clinical trial blood samples to defraud the public into thinking vaccines offer protection against disease even when they clearly don’t.


Absent from this discussion of vaccines by Princeton officials is any recognition whatsoever of the inherent risk associated with vaccines.  Princeton officials, much like everyone else who buys into the vaccine fairy tale, assumes vaccines pose ZERO risk to those who receive them. This assumption is scientifically false.  In fact, there is no such thing as a 100% safe vaccine. All vaccines present risks, and as a point in fact on all this, 50 children in an African village were left paralyzed by a meningitis vaccine.

After those children were paralyzed by the vaccine, the government tried to buy the silence of the parents with cash payoffs, much like the secret Vaccine Injury Compensation court in the USA. All across the planet, the “scientific” suppression of vaccine injuries is systematic. Governments, drug companies, health regulators and even medical journals all conspire to pretend that vaccines have zero risks and therefore can be injected without limit into anyone and everyone regardless of their current health status, heavy metal burden or immune system state.

If Princeton injects 10,000 college students with a meningitis vaccine, they are likely to CAUSE more cases of meningitis than have already occurred. These new cases of meningitis, of course, will be celebrated as a reason why even more students need to get injected with even more vaccines. No one will ask whether these new cases of meningitis were caused by the first round of vaccines because it is falsely assumed that vaccines are incapable of causing disease. This is how vaccine marketing works: The diseases caused by the vaccines become the fear mongering marketing push for yet more vaccine injections that cause yet more disease and so on. It’s the perfect commercial fraud: the product actually causes the fear that results in more product being sold, resulting in yet more fear, etc.

There is no scientific scrutiny allowed to be applied to any of this. Vaccine advocate are cognitively unable to even entertain the concept that some vaccines may be unsafe, or that vaccines may actually contain live viral strains which are not sufficiently weakened to remain inert. This is despite the fact that global vaccine material suppliers have been caught using LIVE viruses instead of weakened ones.

Thanks to the dogmatic, anti-science state of today’s vaccine industry, anyone who questions the safety of vaccines is immediately subjected to the junk science dogma / delusional thinking of vaccine advocates who essentially believe their vaccines are MAGIC in that they deliver 100% benefits and 0% risks (an impossibility in any medication, especially medicines which are injected).  Thus, the entire vaccine industry is supported not by science but by dogma and profit. Real science is not allowed in the vaccine industry, and intelligent questions are shouted down by vaccine dogmatists who are almost universally receiving enormous sums of money from vaccine companies in the form of patent royalties, kickbacks or bribes (also known as exorbitant “speaking fees”).


Princeton may also have legal exposure if the experimental vaccines it offers students cause paralysis or meningitis. While vaccine manufacturers themselves have been granted blanket immunity by the United States government (which is all part of the vaccine injury suppression effort), those who dispense vaccines have separate legal liability if they fail to inform vaccine recipients of the risks the vaccine may impart.

Thus, the only way Princeton can reduce its own legal exposure is to require students to sign disclaimer forms that fully explain the risks associated with the vaccine. Those risks must, by definition, include the risk of paralysis, seizures, meningitis and death.  Princeton’s legal risk is further deepened by the fact that this particular vaccine has never been approved by the FDA for use in the United States rendering it an “experimental” vaccine.

In addition, Princeton is now facing the ethical question of whether transforming its entire student body into vaccine lab rats for the pharmaceutical industry falls within the ethical boundaries that exist at the institution (if they exist at all). Given the long history of U.S. academics collaborating with drug companies — including those with Nazi ties — to use prisoners, minorities and other targeted groups as lab rats in deadly medical studies, if Princeton chooses to go down this path, it will only add its name to this long list of human medical experiments already conducted in the United States since 1833:


Human medical experimentation part one 
Human medical experimentation part two

Should a fatality occur from the vaccine, Princeton will also highlight its name in the news as “the university that kills its own students with off-label medical experiments.”

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