HuffPo Caught Protecting Pharma-Shill

March 31, 2013

31 Mar (OMSJ) – Last week, Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick posted this story about the alleged curing of an HIV+ baby, thanks (in her words) to smart doctors who used HIV tests and a toxic drug regimen to save the baby.  Not only does Fitzpatrick’s report raise serious questions about what was probably a serious case of medical malpractice, but someone at the Huffington Post spiked our questions.

For those familiar with the pharmaceutical propaganda (also called “social marketing”) posted in newspapers and blogs like the Huffington Post (HuffPo), this report is no surprise.  Many readers know that the pharmaceutical industry pays corrupt and incompetent doctors and academics to promote their deadly drugs and dangerous devices.  Despite HuffPo’s claim to promote “a receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere for comments,” questions about veracity of their medical writers are routinely spiked without comment.

Thankfully, the absence of likes, tweets and comments on the blog suggest that few readers care what Fitzpatrick has to say on any subject.  But despite the ubiquitous propaganda, OMSJ believes it is helpful to periodically document examples so that readers can better evaluate their news sources.


Since 2009, the pharmaceutical industry has paid $10 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure 2-4 million Americans, ANNUALLY.  If tracked like real diseases, adverse drug reactions (ADRs) would rank as the fourth leading cause of death.  This means that Americans are more likely to be injured at the clinics and hospitals by doctors like Fitzpatrick than by their sexual partners.

For this reason, the drug industry spends billions of dollars in kickbacks and bribes to clinicians who unnecessarily prescribe deadly drugs to their healthy patients.  Although amfAR co-founder Joseph Sonnabend admits that heterosexual AIDS is a fraud and HIV discoverer Luc Montagnier admits that HIV can be cured without drugs within a few weeks, the industry pays doctors like Fitzpatrick to generate fear and hysteria among women and within vulnerable black, brown and gay communities.


Since last July, Dr. Fitzpatrick posted six stories – five since November.  The uptick in her posts coincide with at least $3000 paid to Fitzpatrick and her associates by drug giant Merck, which paid nearly $5 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to drugs like Zetia, Vytori, and Vioxx.   According to two of their own scientists, Merck falsified vaccine test data, spiked blood samples with animal antibodies, and sold a vaccine that produced disease outbreaks and defrauded governments, taxpayers and consumers who bought the vaccine after being told by doctors (like Fitzpatrick) that the vaccines were “95% effective.”

According to her bio, Fitzpatrick’s credentials are as impressive as HIV experts Joan Duwve MD MPH, Sky Blue MD, Joseph Marzouk MD and Lesha Wilson MD, who fared poorly when OMSJ questioned them about their HIV expertise.

Shortly after Fitzpatrick’s latest blog appeared, I posted these comments.  After several hours, HuffPo spiked those comments without comment.

Having conducted dozens and criminal HIV investigations since 2009, OMSJ’s team of medical doctors, scientists and attorneys found that NONE of those allegedly infected with HIV were ever diagnosed with HIV or had any evidence of infection.  As a result of our review of those cases, dozens of criminal HIV charges have been withdrawn or dismissed by both prosecutors and judges.  Despite OMSJ’s unprecedented success and interest from military and universities alike, publications like HuffPo continue to promote the propaganda generated by their pharmaceutical shills.

Unfortunately for HuffPo, Fitzpatrick, and propagandists like them, OMSJ has a series of high-profile HIV trials scheduled for later this year, including the upcoming civil trial against Nushawn Williams (New York) and criminal trial of Henry Assumang (England).  If Fitzpatrick is the expert she claims to be, she should contact prosecutors to see if she can qualify as a real expert.  OMSJ would welcome the opportunity to question her in a venue where she is forced to tell the truth.