HHS: Get a Flu Shot or Lose Your Job!

December 9, 2012

10 Dec (WASHINGTON) – At first glance, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) “Healthy People 2020” seems like an excellent idea.  After all, what could be better than helping Americans live healthier lives?  Unfortunately, the initiative has – like many government programs – a much darker side.

Among its many goals, HHS wants to vaccinate the majority of healthcare workers with flu vaccines.  This agenda has been rolling out aggressively over the 3 years, with a particular increase this fall of 2012. Increasingly, healthcare workers are being told to get flu shots or lose their jobs. The fact that many nurses and doctors chose to quit says as much about the dangers of vaccines as it does the intrusive gambits of the federal government. 

Healthy People 2020 is not just targeting doctors and nurses – they just happen to be on the front line.  Take out the honest healthcare professionals and you’re left with a “consensus” of medical professionals who push vaccines for vaccine manufacturers – which is what the program is really about.  As Bill Gates said in 2010, “… if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower (the global population) by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent…”, which sounds a lot more like eugenics than health care. 

This fall, Attorney Alan Phillips has helped healthcare workers in over two dozen states understand and exercise their right to refuse flu vaccines at work without losing their jobs.  From this work, he’s gained a unique perspective of how the vaccine agenda is rolling out across the country on this particular front. In brief summary, here are some of the primary points that his research and practice has revealed: 

1. The flu vaccine agenda is not based on sound science. 

For example, the Lancet published a study in 2012 that claimed that flu vaccines are only 59% effective. (This was a “relative risk reduction”; the “actual risk reduction” in the study was a negligible 1.5%.) Taking the 59% figure at face value, 40% of flu vaccine recipients are not protected—and that assumes the manufacturers guessed the strains correctly (as flu vaccine manufacturers have to guess months in advance what the dominant flu strains will be in the coming flu season, which varies from year to year), which flu vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny says occurs roughly 16% of the time. 

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) points out that non-vaccinated people can get natural immunity, and without even necessarily developing symptoms.  So, if the new flu vaccine mandates for healthcare workers was a serious health concern, hospitals would have to test at least those employees who work with immunocompromised patients to find out which vaccinated employees are in the 40% whose vaccines don’t work, and take precautions with those workers accordingly. Unfortunately, hospitals don’t test anyone.  So, it appears to have more to do with doubling or tripling the multi-billion dollar flu vaccine revenues.

2. The majority of hospitals are implementing exemption policies for their employees that violate federal civil rights law.

The most common violation is that most hospitals require employees to support their claimed religious objections with support from a religious leader, and with proof that they belong to an organized religion with tenets opposed to immunizations. These requirements are blatant violations of federal civil rights law, which protects personal religious beliefs whether or not they are associated with an organized religion. In fact, federal civil rights law even protects a narrow category of “non-theistic” religious beliefs. 

Also note that most employees who write their own statement of religious beliefs opposed to vaccines fall into one or more “legal pitfalls” that can undermine that right.  Unfortunately, most people’s reasonable common-sense approach to this task is not consistent with what the law says qualifies for a religious exemption.

The majority of people who contact Mr. Phillips have had their exemption requests rejected because of simple mistakes.   So, getting help from an attorney experienced in this arena is critical if the issue is really important to patients, parents and healthcare workers. 

3. It is a medical and legal fact that vaccines, including flu vaccines, injure and kill people.

Since 1986, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $2.5 billion to the families of vaccine-injured patients.  At present, hundreds of cases for injury and death from flu vaccines are pending.

Consider also that the FDA and CDC admit that 90–99% of vaccine adverse events are not reported.  Doctors routinely dismiss possible vaccine adverse events as “coincidental” without conducting tests to determine whether or not the temporal association between a vaccine and a health condition has a causal relationship, when the only way you can make that determination with regard to any given individual would be to conduct such tests. 

The independent, international Cochrane Collaboration reviews of the flu vaccine literature have revealed that flu vaccines have minimal effectiveness, but they found “widespread manipulation of conclusions” in the influenza studies.  Dr. Marcia Angell, Harvard medical doctor and former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine for 20 years, says that we can no longer trust the medical literature and medical professionals; the medical publication industry is driven by profits, and not objective science. 

Since 2009, the pharmaceutical industry has paid $10 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure 2-4 million Americans, ANNUALLY – paying millions of dollars in kickbacks and bribes to clinicians that unnecessarily prescribe deadly drugs to healthy patients.

In April of 2011, the CDC researcher hired to organize studies refuting the vaccine-autism connect was indicted on 13 counts of fraud with the CDC and 9 counts of money-laundering.  He has yet to be arrested and extradited to the US. 

The vaccine controversy simply cannot be resolved by relying on the word of the authorities taken at face value. Therefore, we must have the right to make individual informed decisions, to take steps to secure the right to make informed choices. 

When someone is imbued with the authority to implement mandates, there is the potential for that authority to be misused to support a private agenda.  Where informed choice is allowed, this risk is minimized, and the possibility that the best solution may be different for different people is allowed. 

For more information, contact Attorney Alan Phillips at www.vaccinerights.com.