Greenhouse Gases Cannot Contribute to Global Warming

June 11, 2013

11 Jun (PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC) Greenhouse Gases Cannot Possibly Contribute to Global Warming.  Why?  Consider:

(1) Today’s air temperature is 17 degrees C – 290 K. “K” refers to the temperature scale described by Lord Kelvin and used in scientific calculations concerning radiation and temperature – Celsius is not appropriate for such calculations. (The difference between 17 degrees C and 18 degrees C – 1 degree – has the same magnitude as the difference between 290 K and 291 K – the zero point is different.)

(2) “Dry air contains roughly (by volume) 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1%.” – Wikipedia.

(3) According to many sources – “The most abundant gas molecules, nitrogen and oxygen, do not interact much with infrared radiation and are not “greenhouse gases”.”This is usually taken as proof that it is the absorption of the infra-red radiation emitted by the heated surfaces of the Earth by “greenhouse gases” that is responsible for the temperature of the atmosphere.They are often referred to as “heat trapping” gases.

(4) Item number 3 has three possible consequences:-

(i) If nitrogen and oxygen do not absorb or emit infra-red radiation they cannot be heated by this mechanism. If radiation is responsible for the majority of the heating of the atmosphere as the IPCC claim all the warmth of the atmosphere is due to the 1 % of the atmospheric gases that are “greenhouse gases”. This is highly improbable – no – let’s be honest it is impossible!

(ii) Only “greenhouse gases” are heated by the Earth’s surfaces by radiation and they in turn heat the 99% of the atmosphere by some mechanism – remember non “greenhouse gases” cannot absorb infra-red radiation..Again, this is highly improbable – no – let’s be honest it is impossible! Why?

(iii) Because (ii), above, supposes that the 1% of the atmosphere that are “greenhouse gases” heat the remaining 99% of the atmosphere by some mechanism. This would be an incredibly slow process and as radiation plays no part in this the only mechanism available is conduction/diffusion from the “greenhouse gases” to the rest. But if conduction/diffusion is the only mechanism for heating nitrogen and oxygen why wouldn’t they simply be heated by direct contact with the heated surfaces of the Earth and radiation play almost no role in this at all. In fact we know this is true because you can observe it yourself. Everyone is familiar with the “shimmering” effect that can be seen in the air immediately above hot ground surfaces. This is caused by the diffraction of light as it passes through the rising heated air which is less dense than the cooler air around it.

(5) So now we are back to 1.Today’s air temperature is 17 degrees C which is about 290 K. Obviously nitrogen and oxygen are at this temperature as our discussion to this point clearly dismisses any other possibility.

Now we need to consider: –

(6) How do the atmosphere and the Earth’s surfaces cool? The only mechanism is by emitting infra-red radiation to space.

(7) Wien’s displacement law clearly states that an object at 290 K emits radiation at frequencies in the infra-red band with the peak radiation emission wavelength at approximately 10 micrometres.

(8) In fact every object at every natural temperature observed on Earth emits radiation that is within the infra-red radiation band.

(9) Again, the only means for the Earth to “cool” is to radiate to space. This radiation is infra-red radiation.

(10) According to the IPCC – 70 % of the radiation the Earth emits to space is emitted by the atmosphere, almost 13 % by clouds and the remaining 17 % directly from the Earth’s surfaces.

(11) According to the IPCC the components of the atmosphere that emit 70 % of the radiation to space are trace gases called “greenhouse gases” and 13% by clouds. The principal “greenhouse gases” are water vapour and Carbon dioxide.

(12) Remember 3. According to many sources – “The most abundant gas molecules, nitrogen and oxygen, do not interact much with infrared radiation and are not “greenhouse gases”.”This is taken to mean that nitrogen and oxygen do not emit infra-red radiation.

(13) This implies that nitrogen and oxygen do not directly contribute to cooling the Earth at all!

The only mechanism available for nitrogen and oxygen to cool at all is by conduction/diffusion of their temperature to the “greenhouse gases” which then radiate the energy to space!

(14) We know that nitrogen and oxygen cool because we have maximum and minimum temperatures.

If the above is true, and most of it is quoted from sources that claim to present “peer reviewed” science, then:-

As the only mechanism available for 99% of the atmosphere to cool is by “greenhouse gases” radiating to space it is impossible for “greenhouse gases” to contribute to global warming at all.

Nitrogen, oxygen and all “non – greenhouse gases” are the “heat trapping” gases!

The “greenhouse gases” are clearly the cooling gases – the only ones responsible for 83 % of the cooling effect according to the IPCC.

Any other explanation is clearly ludicrous and clearly backwards.