Dollars for Docs Top Earners

March 13, 2013

13 Mar (PROPUBLICA) – When Dollars for Docs [2] first launched in 2010 [3], ProPublica spoke with several of the dozens of doctors [4] who had earned more than $200,000 from their speaking and consulting work for drug companies. Now, with records from more companies and more years of data, we’ve identified 22 doctors [5] who’ve earned at least $500,000 since 2009 — including one, Jon Draud, who was paid more than $1 million. 

Most of these in-demand speakers hail from a just handful of states: four each from New York and Texas, and two each from California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.  Half are psychiatrists, including three of the top four earners. The most commonly represented drug companies are Merck and Pfizer — 15 of the 22 doctors speak or consult for each of them. And all but one of the doctors are men. 

Amounts listed are for speaking and consulting only; compensation for travel, meals, research and other categories is excluded. The disclosures include payments to doctors dating back to 2009 for many drug companies, though others do not go back as far.  If the recipients have separately disclosed relationships with drug companies that are not in Dollars for Docs, they are noted.

 For a detailed listingof top earners go to Dollars for Docs-Top Earners.