Disillusioned Nurse Reveals Why America’s Health Care System is Imploding

26 Sept (NATURAL NEWS)America’s health care system is crumbling. Costs are skyrocketing to the point where employers are now forced to simply fire people in order to  avoid the enormous financial burden of paying for their health care. Obamacare  was sold to the nation as a way to make health care “affordable,” but the  reality is that it only strengthened and emboldened the pharmaceutical monopoly  that has hijacked health care and turned the whole system into a “disease  management profit center.”  But don’t take my word for it, read this  letter from someone on the front lines of the health care system.

What follows  is a letter from a veteran of the health care industry, a nurse who has finally  left the system in disgust over its practices:


imagesCA7831MJAs the heated debate about Obamacare continues our politicians and media are  failing to talk about the real problem. Obamacare is only adding to the problem  that already exist, so what’s the real problem? The problem is that we DO NOT  provide healthcare in this country, we provide a health industry that practices  medical care.

What that means is healthcare’s goal is to maintain a  healthy person as compared to medical care which treats sick people for  profit. Medical facilities hire the bare minimum staff that is mandated to  maximize profits. Nurses and aids are over-worked and barely have enough time to  finish their work. They are told to clock out even if they are not done to save  money on overtime. The days of a nurse sitting at the bedside of  their patients and talking to them are gone.

As a nurse of 20 years I  have seen the profession that I love become hijacked by the pharmaceutical and  insurance industries. When I started nursing, we would apply ice and heat for  pain and sore muscles; today we hand out opiates and muscle relaxants for the  same thing. After realizing that I had become nothing more than a Pez dispenser  for the pharmaceutical industry I left the field.

Thirty years ago my  mother could take me to our family doctor and reach in her purse to pay him when  we were done. Today you might get charged well over $100 the minute you sign in  and have your temperature taken. We have turned the human body into nothing more  than a bunch of billing codes for the insurance industry.

If we were  practicing true healthcare we would reward doctors for maintaining their  patients healthy and preventing them from having to constantly seek care. The  current system of medical care that we have rewards doctors financially for the  amount of care they render. In essence the more you go to the doctor the better  for business and the biggest winners are Big Pharma. This type of care leads to  unnecessary test, unnecessary treatments, and unnecessary medications which  often cause other conditions that need to be treated as well. This revolving  door of care for profit only increases the cost for everyone and it’s in the  best interest of the health industry to create and maintain as many CUSTOMERS as  possible.

The debate shouldn’t be about Obamacare or the uninsured, it should be about the cost of care, but all you hear on TV  and from our politicians is about the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE. Obamacare will  not fix our current problem of high costs, it only provides the Health  Industrial Complex with more customers under the current failing  system.

- Anonymous nurse




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