June 13, 2012

12 Jun (OMSJ)OMSJ’s involvement in more than 100 criminal, civil and military cases has revealed that many patients are misdiagnosed as HIV+ by clinicians who accept kickbacks from drug companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Gilead Sciences for unnecessarily prescribing toxic HIV drugs to uninfected patients.  These doctors rely on test results from labs like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics – companies that have been fined for bilking taxpayers and using unreliable tests and defective equipment to allege infections when none exist.

Has a clinician told you that you are HIV-positive? 

Has your HIV status interfered with:

  • Your social, professional or personal life?
  • Your ability to qualify for insurance or medical care?
  • Your ability to receive competent medical care?

If true, OMSJ’s OPERATION LETTERHEAD might be right for you.


Since 2009, OMSJ has forced prosecutors to plea-bargain or dismiss charges in dozens of HIV-related criminal cases.  In two recent cases, military courts cleared a US Marine and a soldier after top government HIV experts failed to prove that the defendants were competently diagnosed by their doctors.  In one case, Dr. Donna Sweet MD received a $2.9 million grant from BMS weeks after she testified against her own patient.

At best, these events suggest gross incompetence: At worst, characteristics of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Based upon these and other facts, OMSJ believes that as many as 90 percent of all HIV-positive diagnoses may be FALSE-POSITIVES.

As a result of these and other cases, OMSJ has received countless requests from patients who believe that their doctors probably misdiagnosed them as well.  In response, OMSJ posted this report, which suggests how patients can unravel their misdiagnoses.

Unfortunately, most patients are not prepared to effectively challenge clinicians who bully, intimidate and overmedicate their patients.


As we explained in this report, clinicians are trained to use this psychologically-manipulative script, which is designed to instill fear without actually telling patients that they’re infected with HIV: 

  • “Your HIV test result is positive.”
  • “You may need to take time to adjust to this. Many people say that it gets easier once you get over the initial shock.  With proper medical and social support, people with HIV can expect to lead very productive lives.”
  • “Now that you have HIV it’s important that you receive regular medical follow-up, even if you are feeling healthy.” 

When patients are first told, they are rarely prepared to ask the right questions and simply assume that the clinician is knowledgeable and truthful.  Nothing in the script prompts doctors to disclose the unreliability of Western Blot tests or the significance of test results among asymptomatic patients.  In most cases, OMSJ found that few doctors have ever read the test package inserts.

These are just some of the reasons that OMSJ has created OPERATION LETTERHEAD.


Patients have a right to understand exactly how and why a doctor tests, diagnoses and treats them.  Ethical clinicians always welcome intelligent questions from their patients.

To avoid putting anything in writing, some doctors may ask patients to schedule an appointment to answer questions.  In those cases, OMSJ will ask patients to openly record the conversation so that OMSJ can review it for content and accuracy.  Whether the clinician responds in writing or by appointment, OMSJ will help the patient ask the right questions. 

Doctors who refuse to be recorded or answer questions in writing should be viewed with skepticism.  Doctors who fail to answer the relevant questions or abandon their patients raise serious questions about the clinician’s ethical standards and competence.  Without key answers regarding the patient’s testing, diagnosis and treatment, patients must decide whether the clinician’s initial assessment was credible or not.


For a flat service fee, OMSJ will prepare customized correspondence for patients whose questions about their own testing, diagnosis and treatment remain unanswered.  For patients who sign up, OMSJ’s consultants will review your case and prepare a series of carefully written letters for our clients.  If the letters accurately represent questions that the patient wants asks, the patient will sign and mail the letter (USPS certified with receipt) as his/her own to ensure delivery.  Doctors who receive correspondence from patients are ethically bound to explain how they tested and diagnosed the patient as HIV-positive.  Clinicians are required to save all correspondence as part of the patient’s medical record.

In this way, OMSJ can help patients untangle themselves from incompetent and fraudulent diagnosis so that they can regain control of their lives.

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